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Jobs Bill

  1. bad education
    Schools Hoard $10 Billion Stimulus to Rehire Teachers“We can’t treat this money as if it’s a supplement to a jobs bill.”
  2. health carnage
    New Jobs Bill Jettisons COBRA, Just As Unemployment RisesNo subsidies for health-care benefits for the newly unemployed.
  3. great moments in legislating
    There, Congress Cares About Jobs, Okay?Congress passes a jobs bill with bi-partisan support.
  4. oh congress!
    Senate Republicans Do That Thing Where They Vote for a Bill They Tried to Block Two Days AgoThat’s cute.
  5. Thanks to Republican Votes, Jobs Bill Overcomes Key ObstacleScott Brown among the five GOP senators who back the bill.
  6. oh congress!
    Democrats and Republicans Can Only Agree on Legislation That Doesn’t WorkThe jobs bill won’t create that many jobs.