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Jobs Day

  1. Get Ready for an Interest-Rate HikeIt’s Jobs Day, and the report shows businesses added 211,000 positions in November. 
  2. Unemployment 5 Percent in ‘Hellscape’ EconomyThere must be some bad news in the jobs report somewhere.
  3. Jobs Growth Is Great, Throw the Bums Out!Americans want higher wages, not just jobs. 
  4. Less and Less Relevant Jobless Rate Drops to 5.9 PercentThe jobless rate fell to 5.9 percent, its lowest level since 2008. But it is telling us less and less about the state of the real economy.
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    The Economy Is Picking Up SpeedSome good news for your Friday: The latest jobs numbers are good.
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    Today’s Jobs Numbers Are Nice and BoringPayrolls beat expectations, unemployment ticks up, small revisions.
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    The Economic Recovery Is For RealAn unambiguously great jobs report.
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    Today’s Jobs Number Is More Disappointing Than Justin Timberlake’s New AlbumThe economy added only 88,000 payrolls last month.
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    Final Jobs Report of 2012 Comes With No SurprisesThe economy added 155,000 jobs, and unemployment is at 7.8 percent.
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    Hurricane Sandy Can’t Keep November’s Jobs Report DownThe economy added 146,000 jobs last month, despite the storm.
  11. The DNC’s Surprise Guest Is Jobs DataNot as exciting as Eastwood, but probably less crazy.
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    Humanizing the Jobs Day MessRising unemployment isn’t just bad for campaigns and economists.
  13. Terrible Jobs Report Scares EverybodyCut to Mitt Romney, cackling.