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    The Economic Recovery Looks Like a House and a NurseConstruction and health-care jobs lead the way to 236,000 new payrolls.
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    How Convenient: Jobless Claims Lowest Since February 2008 [Updated]Jack Welch will tell us if this really happened. 
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    New York City Has Recovered All the Jobs Lost in the Recession But that doesn’t mean unemployment isn’t up.
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    President Obama Officially PowerlessHe can’t even get one person a damn job.
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    March Jobs Report MediocreAmerica doomed?
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    Unemployment Rate Now Lowest Since February 2009How long can Mitt Romney keep saying that President Obama made the economy worse?
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    Let’s All Take a Moment to Bask in Our New, Relatively Low Unemployment Rate!Just a moment though.
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    October Jobs Report: The Grueling Recovery ContinuesThe economy added some jobs, but not many.
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    Senate Votes Against President Obama’s Jobs BillLet the games begin.
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    Jobless Claims Are Lowest Since April, But There’s a Caveat“Technical difficulties.”
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    Unwelcome Retro Trends: The Squeegee Men Are BackThis is widely considered to be a sign that things are not going well.
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    Americans Don’t Think Jobs Bill Will Work, Want Congress to Pass It AnywayThe uselessness of polls.
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    Some Actual Unemployed People Share Their Thoughts on Obama’s SpeechWe gather some reactions from the people with the most at stake.
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    Line in the Sand: Frank Rich and Adam Moss on Obama’s Feisty RhetoricTwo or three years too late, a laser focus on jobs.
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    Obama’s Jobs Speech Prompted Some Reactions From RepublicansMostly negative ones.
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    President Obama Really Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan Right AwayObama sold his proposals to Congress in a big speech tonight.
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    Good News and Bad News: Obama’s Jobs Speech EditionAmerica has already decided that Obama’s proposals will fail.
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    Congress Adds 70 High-Schoolers to the Unemployment RollsJohn Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are ending the page program.
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    Unemployment Dips to 9.1 PercentThis is good news, but not quite good enough.
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    President Obama Will Ride Around on a Bus Just Like the PoorsHe’s traveling the Midwest in a bus, instead of a plane or a limo.
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    Hiring Slows Even Further, Unemployment Rises to 9.2 PercentThat’s up from 9.1 percent last month.
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    Does President Obama Want to Live in a World Without ATMs?No.
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    Hiring Slowed Last Month, Unemployment at 9.1 PercentThis is not good news.
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    GOP Job Plan Needed Unnecessary Photos and Huge Font to Reach Ten PagesThe font size is larger than the one used in books for the visually impaired.
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    More Jobs Added Than Expected Last Month, Unemployment Rate at 9 PercentBut wait, that’s up since last month.
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    Jobless Claims Hit Eight-Month HighThis was unexpected.
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    Unemployment Rate Hits Two-Year LowIt’s now at 8.8 percent.
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    Qaddafi Is Making Our Economic Recovery NeuroticHe’s making it skittish.
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    Jobless Claims Are at the Lowest Levels in Three Years, But It Might Not Be Enough to Help ObamaHow will this affect Obama in 2012?
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    Fed Upgrades Economic-Growth ForecastBut unemployment is expected to remain … painful.
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    Unemployment Dips to 9.4 PercentGood news! A little.
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    Employment Is Up — This Week, AnywayUnemployment claims have declined to their lowest level in two and a half years.
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    Jobless Claims Fall for the Second Week in a RowGood news! Not awesome news, but good news nonetheless.
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    Yahoo Cuts 600 JobsHappy Holidays, everyone.
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    Unemployment Problem Will Not Clear Up in Time to Make President Obama Look GoodUnemployment will still be around 8 percent by the end of 2012.
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    The United States Added 151,000 Jobs in OctoberThis is the first time since May that overall payrolls increased.
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    Unemployment Holds at 9.6 Percent: Overall Jobs Lost, Private Employment Losing SteamThis is bad news.
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    Economy Sheds 54,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rises to 9.6 PercentThis is better than expected.
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    New Yorkers Still Doing Better Than Most in Economic RecoveryUnless you aren’t a manager. And you live outside of Manhattan.
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    Unemployment Holds at 9.5 Percent, Economy Loses 131,000 JobsPrivate-sector jobs grew, but less than anticipated.
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    City’s Unemployment Rate Drops For Sixth Straight MonthPrivate sector adds 8,300 jobs.
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    Depending on How You Look at It, Unemployment Might Be IncreasingThe job outlook is dismal.
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    Private Sector Continues to Add Jobs at Obnoxiously Slow PaceThe economy as a whole shed 125,000 jobs in June because of laid-off census workers.
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    Unemployment Falls to 9.7 PercentBut the vast majority of new jobs created were census-worker positions.
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    Unemployment at 9.9 Percent — 290,000 Jobs AddedAnd only 60,000 of them were census workers!
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    Unemployment Holds at 9.7 Percent, Economy Gains 162,000 JobsThis may be good news.
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    National Unemployment Rate Holds at 9.7 PercentAnd it may have been even better if it hadn’t been for that damn snow!
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    ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’: The Allure, and Danger, of a Favorite Political MantraIt’s been chanted for decades, but can it do more harm than good this time around?