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  1. the money game
    Go Get a New Job Now, Before It’s Too LateEmployees still have the upper hand in the labor market — but these are the last days of the Great Resignation.
  2. economy
    The Last Days of the Pandemic BoomMore people are entering the workforce, and they’re getting paid more than ever, but the Federal Reserve could reverse course soon.
  3. the money game
    This Year’s Economy Will Come Down to Wednesday’s Inflation ReportOne way or another, we’re at the beginning of the end stages of the pandemic-era financial and monetary policies.
  4. the economy
    5 Explanations for April’s Bad Jobs ReportDay cares are shuttered, the pandemic isn’t over, UI benefits are generous, and two other theories for last month’s big miss.
  5. the economy
    The Biden Boom Has BegunJobless claims are falling, factory production is rising, and retail sales are skyrocketing as Biden’s stimulus kicks in.
  6. politics
    What Will Be in the Next Big Democratic Bill?Deciding what can and can’t go into the next budget reconciliation bill will be a real and consequential puzzle for Democrats.
  7. work less
    How About a 4-Day Workweek Already?Reduced hours could help people get back to work safely — and there are plenty of other reasons why it’s a good idea, too.
  8. markets
    Americans Expect the Stock Market to Flourish As They SufferA Federal Reserve survey finds U.S. households expressing record levels of optimism about stock prices — and pessimism about their own finances.
  9. buzzfeed
    Remaining BuzzFeed Staff Still Very Unclear on What’s Going OnIn an internal Slack, CEO Jonah Peretti is “getting slammed in multiple languages,” a source said.
  10. buzzfeed
    BuzzFeed’s Experimental Era Is OverThe site prided itself on taking risks and shifted media as a result. But it still hasn’t turned a profit.
  11. the economy
    December Was Bad for Stocks — But Great for WorkersWages rose sharply, employers expanded payrolls way more than expected, and discouraged workers reentered the labor market.
  12. uber
    Next Stop, Uberland: The Onrushing Algorithmic Future of WorkWhat the algorithmically managed lives of Uber drivers tell us about our future.
  13. No One Wants to Work at the White House So It’s Having a Job Fair on FridayThe steady trickle of White House departures continues so the White House is looking for “competent conservatives” of “every experience level.”
  14. The American Economy Isn’t ‘Great Again’ — But It’s Still SolidTrump’s policies haven’t supercharged the good economy he inherited — but they haven’t slowed it down (yet).
  15. U.S. Households Are Finally Making More Than They Did in 1999The median household income hit a new record in 2016 — but the American economy still isn’t great.
  16. The Opioid Crisis Is Taking a Toll On the American Labor ForceA new study suggests that opioid use may account for 20 percent of the decline in workforce participation among American men.
  17. Trump Squandered His Opportunity With Union VotersAs Trump’s approval rating in the Rust Belt dips, labor leaders work to help Democrats exploit an opening with working-class Trump voters.
  18. The Trump Economy Is a Gilded MediocrityFive reasons why the American economy is far weaker than mainstream commentary suggests.
  19. Trumpcare Proves That the GOP Would Rather Increase Inequality Than Create JobsEnding the Medicaid expansion will eliminate an estimated 1.2 million jobs. But the “greatest jobs president God ever created” doesn’t seem to care.
  20. Trump Says His Trip to Europe Has Already Saved ‘Millions of Jobs’Meanwhile, hundreds of Carrier workers in Indiana are learning that Trump’s trip to their plant didn’t actually save theirs.
  21. American Economic Growth Has Slowed to a CrawlFirst-quarter growth hits a three-year low — but there’s reason to think the slowdown will prove temporary.
  22. March Jobs Report Falls Short of ExpectationsAfter predictions of a big month, the official jobs report for March showed growth slowing to 98,000 jobs, though the unemployment rate did drop.
  23. Americans Expect Trump to Create Lots of Jobs — But They Still Don’t Like HimA new poll shows that Trump is the least popular president-elect in history — even as a majority of voters expect him to be good for the economy.
  24. No, Alibaba Is Not Going to Create 1 Million U.S. Jobs Because of TrumpThe Chinese e-commerce company gifted the president-elect with fodder for flattering — but wholly misleading — headlines.
  25. Big Corporations Are Lining Up to Help Trump Tell a Jobs-Creation StoryAnd news outlets are going along for the ride.
  26. Trump Takes Credit for Sprint Bringing 5,000 Jobs to U.S.For some context, the U.S. economy created 178,000 jobs in November.
  27. Upbeat Jobs Report Is Another Sign Trump Is Wrong About the EconomyThe last bit of economic data voters will receive is modestly positive, with unemployment down and wages up.
  28. select all
    Americans Believe Robots Will Take Everyone’s Jobs But Their OwnThe American workforce is a fat sitcom husband cracking open a beer, farting into the couch, and saying, “She’s been with me too long to leave me now!”
  29. Bonkers Debates, Boring Jobs NumbersVoters will end up caring a lot more about one than the other.
  30. Being a Newspaper Reporter < Being a LumberjackCareerCast says breaking news for a newspaper is the worst way to spend your life.
  31. Recovering Economy Keeps on Doing Its Thing, Adds 295,000 JobsThe latest from the February jobs report. 
  32. America Needs a Raise!Workers have more jobs. Now they need more money. 
  33. millenials
    Meet Saira Blair, West Virginia’s Very Conservative New 18-Year-Old LawmakerAn interview with the far-right teen.
  34. Less and Less Relevant Jobless Rate Drops to 5.9 PercentThe jobless rate fell to 5.9 percent, its lowest level since 2008. But it is telling us less and less about the state of the real economy.
  35. The Recovery Gets a B-MinusThe unemployment rate continues to slither down in August. 
  36. career advice
    Former General Stanley McChrystal Can Relate to Unemployed LinkedIn ReadersSo he wrote a column about making the most of his “career curveball.”
  37. the national interest
    Happy Days Are Here Again, AgainJobs!
  38. work
    Hundreds Camping Out in the West Village for Carpenter JobsActually, it’s just for the chance to apply for a job.
  39. employees only
    Employers in Some States Can’t Ask for Facebook Passwords AnymoreAnd other state laws that go into effect at midnight.
  40. hurricane sandy
    Federal Grant Will Fund Temporary Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Jobs in New York StateThe program will create 5,000 positions.
  41. it’s the stupid economy
    President Obama Is Finally a Net Job CreatorNot by a lot, but it’s a positive number.
  42. it’s the economy
    Jobs Growth Lower Than Expected, Unemployment SteadyThat’s not good for President Obama.
  43. economy
    City’s Job Growth Rate at Its Best Since the FiftiesThe city’s unemployment rate dipped two-tenths in April to 9.5 percent.
  44. frank rich
    Frank Rich on Piers Morgan: Obama’s CoolnessThey look like “old fogies.”
  45. unemployment
    NYC Unemployment Rising Despite HiringJob seekers coming to the city may be pushing up the rate.
  46. formerly the most important people in the world
    Meow Mix Lady Works in Real Estate NowAnyone can do it!
  47. New York City’s Recovery Ever So Slightly Stronger Than PredictedOr is it? Jobs may be up, but so is the unemployment rate.
  48. jobs
    New Jobless Claims Hit Four-Year LowGood signs in some new economic data.
  49. obama
    Federal Workers to Get a Raise, GOP to Get MadWhite House to seek an end to the pay freeze on government workers.
  50. lady business
    Today’s Good Jobs Report Wasn’t Great for WomenDitto all of 2011’s employment data.
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