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Joe Barton

  1. how tweet it is
    The Political Tweet Hall of ShameThe tweets from politicians that were bad enough to be deleted, and what they can teach us.
  2. the future is coming
    Congress Scolds FacebookThey want to know how Farmville and other apps were able to pass on the IDs of users and their friends to outside companies.
  3. Joe Barton Quickly Retracts Unapology for Apology ApologyThis man is an absolute mess.
  4. sympathy for the devil
    Great News for Joe Barton, BP, DemocratsThe GOP lets BP’s favorite congressman stay in leadership post.
  5. rahm emanuel
    Rahm Emanuel Won’t Let an Oil Spill Go to WasteThe oil spill is getting partisan. Of course.
  6. rand paul
    Rand Paul Knows ‘What a Pile On Feels Like’And, thus, he has sympathy for piled-on BP sympathizer Joe Barton.
  7. joe barton
    Jon Stewart Calls Joe Barton a ‘Disdainful Asshole’“I don’t like you!”
  8. tiny violins
    Why Is Everyone Picking on Joe Barton?Maybe because the man made the mistake of saying something stupid on video.
  9. cleaning up
    GOP Congressman Says the Real Oil-Spill Tragedy Is How We’re Treating BPHe doesn’t even want to live in this country anymore, he’s so angry.