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Joe The Plumber

  1. famous plumbers
    Joe the Plumber Will Fix Your Plumbing Problems for an Exorbitant Fee$1,000 a day plus travel. 
  2. unlicensed plumbers
    Joe the Plumber Doesn’t Understand Why We Don’t Just Shoot the MexicansThanks for the input, Joe.
  3. the kuce
    Will It Be Dennis Kucinich vs. Joe the Plumber in the OH-9 Congressional Race?Cage match.
  4. plumbers
    God Has Told Joe the Plumber to Run for CongressHe’s reportedly filed for a 2012 campaign.
  5. plumbers
    Some Possible Campaign Slogans for Joe the PlumberHe’s reportedly close to running for Congress.
  6. plumbers
    Joe the Plumber, God to Have Another ChatGod’s going to tell Joe whether he wants him to run for higher office.
  7. tea time
    Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber Need to Debate the Future of the Tea Party MovementWill it work within the system, or seek to destroy it?
  8. comedy
    Surprise!: Joe the Plumber Is a Terrible Stand-up ComedianNot only is he not funny, he publicly hopes Keith Olbermann has a stroke.
  9. imagined conversations
    Joe the Plumber’s Stand-up Routine, Revealed!Come with us as we cautiously peer into the future.
  10. plumbers
    Our God Is an Awesome GodHe mercifully spares us from a Joe the Plumber congressional run.
  11. Joe the Plumber Sets Off to Find Party Nonsensical Enough for HimMr. Plumber is leaving the GOP, for completely illogical reasons.
  12. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Is HornyAnd we try to help him find a nice gal friend.
  13. good ol’ common sense
    New War Reporter Joe the Plumber Thinks War Reporting Is UnnecessaryWe’re glad your fifteen minutes haven’t run out, Joe.
  14. early and awesome
    Joe the Plumber Is Going to Get to the Bottom of the War in GazaBecause a serious issue deserves serious coverage.
  15. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Already Reduced to Low-Budget TV CommercialsJoe the Plumber, who rose to fame during the 2008 election, is ruining a once-promising career as a person who’s famous for being famous.
  16. bookish types
    Ivanka Trump Wants to Motivate YouIvanka has agreed to write a motivational book.
  17. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Gets Book DealDo you feel like you are going to barf? Wait till you hear the title.
  18. early and often
    Heilemann: Magic, Confidence, and Relief on the Homestretch With ObamaWhile Springsteen plays for Obama, McCain falls back on ‘Pepe el Plomero.’
  19. early and awesome
    McCain Vows to Take Joe the Plumber to WashingtonMcCain has a new friend and he is not letting him out of his sight.
  20. early and often
    Does Joe the Plumber Matter? The Answer Might Surprise You!While it’s interesting to see Mr. Plumber transformed into an ephemeral celebrity, does he have any real relevance to the election? Yes!
  21. early and often
    Joe the Plumber Is PeopleWho is this guy, and why did he hijack the debate last night?