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  1. middle-aged partiers
    Joel Klein: ‘I Party Hard’Oh, reeeealllly?!
  2. Murdoch Flies to London to Avoid Crisis at SunTalk of the paper closing, or its editor leaving.
  3. news corp. scandal
    Joel Klein and News Corp. Go Way BackThe newly appointed special adviser has dealt with the company’s issues before.
  4. joel klein
    Is Running NYC Schools Good Preparation for Doing Damage Control on Murdoch’s Tabloid Scandal?Joel Klein is about to find out.
  5. school daze
    Joel Klein Thinks Up to 10 Percent of Educators Are IncompetentBut can never get fired.
  6. school daze
    Cathie Black Brushes Off Critics, Predicts the FutureOh, those critics. I’m not even sweatin’ it.
  7. bon mots
    Euphemistically, Mayor Bloomberg Always Pictures His Employees Getting ‘Hit by a Truck’“Just as a euphemism.”
  8. school daze
    Joel Klein Stepping Down As Schools ChancellorHe’ll be replaced by Hearst’s Cathleen Black.
  9. schools
    A Short History of the New York Test-Score BubbleThe ‘Times’ recaps in detail how student achievement scores ran way ahead of reality, peaking during Bloomberg’s reelection.
  10. bad education
    New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Takes Credit for the Work of Asian ParentsNot so fast, chancellor.
  11. bad education
    Laid-off Teachers Show Lack of Initiative When It Comes to Finding JobsSomeone’s getting sent to the guidance counselor.
  12. grants
    State Wins $700 Million of Race to the Top Grant to Fund EducationMoney will track and advance the progress of New York students.
  13. bad education
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Claims About Closing the Racial Achievement Gap Prove False“The claims were based on some bad information.”
  14. school daze
    Parents Irate Over Public High School Notification DelaysMany city kids don’t know when they’ll find out where they’ll go to school next year.
  15. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Flouts State Senate’s Efforts to End Mayoral Control of SchoolsThe Board of Education met briefly yesterday to give power back to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.
  16. More Than 1,000 Names on Petition to Block Schools Czar From Cabinet PostSay it ain’t Joe, locals plead to Team Obama.
  17. gossipmonger
    Joan Rivers Took a TV Crew to the Voting Booth, Of CoursePlus, in non-election-related gossip: Cameron Diaz refuses to share her cigarettes, and Courtenay Semel’s dad might have cut her off.
  18. in other news
    City Hall Officials Have Summer Fridays, Better Lives Than You High-level city officials have been fleeing the city – and work – early on Fridays this summer. The Sun tried calling a bunch of different agencies at the end of the week to try to figure out who was there and who wasn’t, and turned up ten missing top officials (of the 25 city agencies). Some had just taken half-days, and others, like school chancellor Joel Klein and Parks commissioner Adrian Benepe had taken some August days off as vacation. We’re trying to get offended that they’re skipping out — technically, they do work for us, don’t they? — but mostly we’re just jealous. We want to be wherever City Planning director Amanda Burden is going. We bet it’s someplace fancy.
  19. gossipmonger
    The Battle for CongressCosmetics heir Ronald Lauder wants to overthrow booze heir Edgar Bronfman as World Jewish Congress chief. Two openly gay members of the state Assembly refuse to sponsor a gay-marriage bill out of fear of alienating Speaker Sheldon Silver. Senator Chuck Schumer spent a year writing his book, and used Al Gore as a consultant. Victoria Beckham won’t convert to Scientology, because it’s too expensive. Lindsay, Paris, and Britney were all no-shows at Scott Storch’s birthday party last month, but Derek Jeter and Ludacris were there.
  20. intel
    Joel Klein and Russell Simmons Want You to Nag Your ParentsNew York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein last week announced a fantastic new holiday: Today is the first-ever Take Your Parents to Vote Day! (Do you think Gloria Steinem gets a royalty?) And how does one celebrate Take Your Parents to Vote Day? Conveniently, there’s a six-minute video starring animated versions of Klein and — who else? — hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to explain. What happens in the video? If you don’t have six minutes to spare, here’s a quick play-by-play.