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John Allen

  1. General John Allen Retires Early, But Not Because of Those Jill Kelley E-MailsThe former leader of the war in Afghanistan was in line to take charge of NATO.
  2. covert affairs
    Petraeus Scandal’s Other General, ‘Other Other Woman’ Cleared of WrongdoingThough we’re still getting hints about the content of those e-mails.
  3. covert affairs
    Jill Kelley Launches Fight for Privacy As Pentagon Digs Deeper Into Her InboxAnd officials leak more details.
  4. covert affairs
    FBI Agent in Petraeus Scandal Says Shirtless Photo Was Just an Inside JokeHe’s been identified as Frederick Humphries.
  5. covert affairs
    General Allen E-Mails to Jill Kelley Either a Little Bit or Very FlirtatiousThe investigation is ongoing.
  6. scandal
    Petraeus Scandal Now Involves Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan [Updated]As well as “a few hundred e-mails” between Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley.
  7. borne fruits
    General Petraeus Hands Off Power to General Allen“I think, generally, it has borne fruit.”