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John F. Kennedy

  1. joe biden
    Biden’s Approval Rating Goes UnderwaterBiden’s stretch of unobtrusive popularity is over for now, but he is in very good company as a president with net-negative approval ratings.
  2. politics
    Biden’s Approval Ratings Slip Below 50 Percent for the First TimeHis worst is still better than Trump’s best, but for a president trying to defy the odds and retain Congress in the midterms, it’s not great.
  3. the national interest
    Kennedy’s Presidency Accomplished Little, But His Historic Myth EnduresWhy historians still rank the do-nothing Kennedy as a near-great president.
  4. president’s job approval
    Record Polarization Underlies Biden’s Otherwise Normal Job Approval RatingBiden’s impossibly popular among Democrats, and improbably unpopular among Republicans. His relative strength among independents could be key.
  5. past is prologue
    The Flimsy Nixon Precedent Trump Is Seizing On to Contest Biden’s WinIn 1960, Nixon disregarded a certified Electoral College slate from Hawaii favoring him. This is not the same as Pence disregarding a national defeat.
  6. religion
    Why Being Catholic Isn’t Special in Politics AnymoreJoe Biden isn’t appealing to Catholic tradition in his bid to become the second Catholic president. But that’s the American way.
  7. kennedy dynasty
    The Fall of the Kennedy Dynasty Took More Than Just One NightJoseph Kennedy III’s loss to Ed Markey was just the latest in a long series of setbacks for the storied political family.
  8. vision 2020
    A Short History of the Veep RevealThere may be less drama this year, but Biden’s announcement will be the biggest news before his own acceptance speech.
  9. insurrection act
    Tom Cotton Is Wrong About the Insurrection ActThere’s really no recent precedent for presidents’ sending in the troops without the consent of governors who aren’t in open rebellion.
  10. george floyd protests
    Defense Secretary: Trump Shouldn’t Invoke Insurrection Act to Quell ProtestsMark Esper may be reflecting military leaders’ reluctance to be politicized by President Trump, who has floated sending military units to cities.
  11. george floyd protests
    Trump Mulls Declaring an Insurrection and Sending Military Into CitiesIf deployed widely without requests from state officials, such use of the military would be unprecedented.
  12. impeachment
    Pence Is Right: Trump Is a Lot Like Andrew JohnsonPence embraces the discredited Jim Crow theory of Johnson’s victimization and Reconstruction’s evil. But Trump does emulate his scofflaw behavior.
  13. vision 2020
    Does Joe Biden’s Catholicism Matter?If elected, Biden would become just the second Catholic president. But his faith probably won’t greatly affect the odds he will win.
  14. kennedy assassination
    JFK’s Complicated Legacy on the Anniversary of His AssassinationHis tragically shortened presidency was shrouded by myth and distorted by the family dynasty.
  15. vision 2020
    For Presidents and Candidates, Heart Disease Is Not So UncommonBernie Sanders’s mild heart trouble is of concern, but it’s not like candidates and presidents with worse tickers and lifestyles haven’t preceded him.
  16. vision 2020
    Obama Was Supposed to End the Baby-Boom’s Political Run. What Happened?We could well wind up in 2021 with the first president from the pre-boomer Silent Generation.
  17. vision 2020
    Why the Democratic Debate Revived an Old Question About Nuclear WeaponsFearing Trump, Elizabeth Warren had proposed prohibiting any first use of nukes by any U.S. president, as Obama had considered doing.
  18. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Wants to Bring Back One of Bill Clinton’s Signature ProposalsExpanding national service was Clinton’s most reliable 1992 applause line, and it could help candidates like Mayor Pete strike a communitarian tone.
  19. donald trump
    Trump Reaches for Gravitas in His First Prime-Time Oval Office SpeechPerhaps the venue, which Americans associate with big, consequential issues, can help convince a skeptical public that Trump needs his border wall.
  20. Is Trump’s Battle With Amazon Like Kennedy’s War With U.S. Steel?JFK thought U.S. Steel’s CEO reneged on a deal needed to keep the economy stable. Trump’s attacks on Amazon may really be about the Washington Post.
  21. Billy Graham Lived at the Crossroads of Faith and PowerAfter getting too close to Richard Nixon, Billy Graham stayed away from partisan politics. But his son Franklin Graham is up to his ears in it.
  22. Trump Now Trails Only Reagan Among Recent Presidents in GOP EsteemIt’s Trump’s party now for sure.
  23. history
    Classified JFK Files Will Be Released Next Week As Required by LawA small number of documents may still be omitted or redacted, however.
  24. A Century After JFK’s Birth, White Catholics and Black Voters Have Drifted ApartIn 1960, overwhelming percentages of those demographics lifted him to the presidency. That coalition is broken today.
  25. Trump Will Soon Decide If Secret JFK Files Are Made PublicThe president has the power to give his conspiracy-theorist brethren a tremendous gift this year.
  26. anniversaries
    Kennedy’s Killer Switches PrisonsCoincidence or conspiracy?
  27. john f. kennedy
    The Strange Saga of JFK and the Original ‘Dr. Feelgood’He’s the one who made him feel all right.
  28. john f. kennedy
    David Koch Remembers JFK As Pro-Business, Doesn’t Believe the Conspiracies“John Kennedy was very supportive of American business. Unfortunately, our current president doesn’t feel that way.”
  29. john f. kennedy
    The 10 Best JFK Anniversary Front Covers From Around the CountryFrom Alaska to New York City, newspapers are marking the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.
  30. john f. kennedy
    19 Famous People Who Believe in a JFK ConspiracyHere’s one thing Fidel Castro, John Kerry, Chipper Jones, and Bruce Willis have in common. 
  31. things that happened a long time ago
    JFK’s Real Feelings About the Moon Mission: ‘Eh’He had a lot of concerns.
  32. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Credits Kennedy Quote to LincolnDoesn’t really matter, still kind of funny.
  33. frothy mixtures
    Rick Santorum Is Mad at JFKBecause he believed in the separation of church and state?
  34. things that happened a while ago
    JFK Was Having a Pretty Good Time the Night Before He Was ShotThe eerie, silent home-video footage was recently released for the first time.
  35. sad things
    Peace Corps Founder Sargent Shriver DiesHe had a long and storied career in politics and charitable work.
  36. history
    The Night After JFK Was Killed, a Secret Service Agent Nearly Killed LBJ by AccidentBut he didn’t — phew.
  37. camelot
    Congressman Patrick Kennedy Has to Be Reminded About JFKIn his defense, he was pretty wasted at the time.
  38. commander in briefs
    Who’s the Sexiest President of All Time?Not Richard Nixon, that’s for sure.
  39. in other news
    TMZ Screws Up Big TimePerhaps they should stick to living celebrities.
  40. gossipmonger
    Angelina Jolie Gets So Angry That She Tears Brad Pitt’s Shirt OffThat’s what we do when we’re angry with Brad Pitt, too!
  41. gossipmonger
    Maureen Dowd Knows What Michelle Obama Looks Like, Okay?Maureen Dowd says she did not mistake a Times of London columnist for Michelle Obama. Ted Kennedy may or may not have had Graydon Carter spike a story about an illegitimate child of JFK. Tommy Hilfiger is getting married to former model Dee Ocleppo. Rosie O’Donnell stopped drinking because she was getting too fat. Jerry Seinfeld said he’s not going to return to TV because he’s “old, rich, and tired.”