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  1. campaigns
    Is Antonio Delgado Getting a Bad Rap?The congressional candidate has faced racist attack ads, but might still take back New York’s mostly white, Obama-Trump 19th.
  2. New York House Races Headline June 26 State PrimariesCompetitive House races in New York and gubernatorial contests in Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are on the playbill for June 26.
  3. Senate Bill Includes ‘Buffalo Bribe,’ Shifting County Medicaid Costs to New YorkInclusion of this House deal in the Senate bill shows McConnell playing the long game. But it could encourage shakedowns by fence-sitting senators.
  4. early and often
    John Faso Still Believes in a Place Called HopeWhat do you do when you’re running for governor and trailing in the polls by something like 50 — yes, that’s five-oh — points? You go to Brooklyn to see the Brownstone Republicans, who do not meet in a brownstone. Early and Often’s Jon Dolan was there when John Faso paid a visit last night, trying to convince himself he still had a chance to win. And it gets even more implausible than that. Check out Jon’s take, over at E&O. Faso Lifts Up Their Hearts [Early and Often]
  5. early and often
    Gov. Candidates Debate; Almost No One Cares So did you have your TV all fired up to NY1 last night, tub of popcorn by your side, Spitzer (likely) or Faso (ha! right!) banners festooning your apartment? Yeah, us neither. But Early and Often is a dedicated sort; he actually stayed home and watched. What did he discover? An aggro Republican, a harrumphing Democrat, and, worst of all, “dyspeptically public-access-worthy lighting.” Catch all the highlights — such as they were — at Early and Often. Faso Plays Dennis to Spitzer’s Mr. Wilson [Early and Often]