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John Haggerty

  1. john haggerty
    John Haggerty Gets Up to Four Years for Swindling the MayorA colorful sentencing featuring ex-New York A.G. Dennis Vacco.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jury Decides Bloomberg Was RobbedJohn Haggerty was found guilty of stealing from the mayor.
  3. Mayor Bloomberg Acted Less Grumpy Than Usual During His Testimony TodayThe “notoriously testy” mayor even smiled on the stand.
  4. Will Mayor Bloomberg Hold His Tongue in Court Tomorrow?Consultant stole $1 million from him.
  5. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Will Take the Stand in the John Haggerty Trial on MondayMaybe he’ll say something interesting!
  6. the third terminator
    What Is Mayor Bloomberg Doing in the Middle of a $1 Million Grand Larceny Trial?He’s not charged with a crime, but all eyes could soon be on Mike.