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John Hodgman

  1. 21 questions
    John Hodgman Enjoys BreathingThe comedian and author answers our 21 Questions.
  2. cable news news
    John Hodgman Teaches Keith Olbermann About TwitterAnd he was, as always, funny.
  3. cultural capital
    Comedy Nerds, Meet Indie-Rock Nerds “There’s a lot of sexy geeks here tonight,” said Clem Snide front man Eef Barzelay from the stage. The crowd at Irving Plaza last night for The Daily Show’s “Ten Fucking Years” anniversary concert cheered in agreement. From the program guide that is sure to be on eBay within 24 hours (introduction by Thomas Pynchon — for serious!) to the bouncing thrum of Superchunk, the event was a social mixer few would dare to host. (Consider: Sarah Vowell was one of night’s biggest star sightings.) Proceeds went to the cool kids’ favorite charity, Dave Eggers’s 826NYC.