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  1. vision 2020
    Democrats Have a Lot of Republicans Speaking Monday NightRepublicans have more often featured apostates at their convention, but Democrats have a bumper crop the first night of the convention.
  2. impeachment
    Kasich Comes Out for Trump ImpeachmentThe former governor and 2016 candidate, like Mitt Romney, used to be a classic hardcore conservative. The GOP has changed a lot.
  3. vision 2020
    Iowa State Fair Is for Fried Food and Politics23 presidential candidates are set to speak at the fair, which kicks off today, all trying to avoid gaffes and the consumption of perilous fair food.
  4. vision 2020
    A Kasich Primary Challenge to Trump Ain’t HappeningOnce the Ohioan was perceived as a viable challenger to Trump’s renomination. Now he’d need to put on a red hat to get any sort of GOP audience.
  5. vision 2020
    Hickenlooper Counts On Unconventional Path to the PresidencyIt may be the wrong year for this fan of fracking and bipartisanship.
  6. william weld
    William Weld and the Strange Allure of No-Hope Primary ChallengesSo many people think Trump ought to have a primary challenger that they’ll exaggerate the importance of anyone who shows up.
  7. 2020 elections
    Republicans Could Cancel Primaries to Protect Trump From a ChallengeIt’s unnecessary and unseemly, to be sure, but how many Republicans will openly complain about renominating Trump by acclamation?
  8. vision 2020
    Potential 2020 Candidates Continue to Play Coy“I’m thinking about it,” said everyone.
  9. vision 2020
    Another Problem for Trump: A 2020 Primary Challenge Is Growing More LikelyIn New Hampshire, there are increasing signs that a fellow Republican will take on the president.
  10. 2018 elections
    Trump Denies Kasich Any Credit for Ohio OutcomeKasich probably had as much to do as Trump with Troy Balderson holding a lead in the 12th District Ohio race, but POTUS just has to call him a loser.
  11. Schwarzenegger, Kasich Are Going to Try to Pull the California GOP to the MiddleWhile the party moves to the right and toward Trump, hope springs eternal for isolated moderates.
  12. Governor Kasich’s Anti-Trumpism Has Made Him Radioactive for Ohio RepublicansOhio’s GOP gubernatorial candidates fear conservative, Trump-loving voters too much to snuggle up to their current governor.
  13. Can a #NeverTrump Republican Win in 2020? Don’t Bet on It.Anti-Trumpers long for a third option in the next presidential race, but their prospects are grim.
  14. politics
    John Kasich’s Campaign Against Trump Never Stopped. And It Won’t Till 2020.One year after his failed run at president, the Ohio governor is plotting his path to another.
  15. Mike Pence Has Every Reason to Gear Up for 2020 — But Don’t Tell His BossThe hysterical response of Team Pence to reports his political team has contingency plans for 2020 illustrates the deep neuroses of the White House.
  16. Is Kasich Preparing a Primary Challenge to Trump in 2020?Kasich has never bent the knee to Trump. But viable primary challengers to sitting presidents come from the fever swamps, not the sensible center.
  17. 4 GOP Governors Attack Trumpcare (From the Left)But the bill is moving forward — and to the right.
  18. John Kasich Signed the Less Radical of the Two Abortion Bills on His DeskIt gives the unwarranted appearance of being moderate.
  19. John Kasich Is Voting Like It’s 2008Cruz and Rubio didn’t mention Trump by name, but appeared to have cast ballots for him in early voting.
  20. early and often
    Reince Priebus Caps Off Controversial Weekend by Feuding With John KasichThe Ohio governor did not appreciate the GOP chairman’s stand against Republicans who won’t back Trump.
  21. Report: Trump Plans to License His Name to His Administration, Not to Run ItTrump told John Kasich that if he agreed to be his running mate, the Ohio governor could be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy, The New York Times Magazine reports.
  22. No, John Kasich, the Media Didn’t Create Trump. Your Broken Party Did. When most Americans watch saturation coverage of Donald Trump, they see an entertaining garbage fire. Only the GOP base sees a president.  
  23. The Real Reason Ted Cruz and John Kasich Dropped Out NowWhen much of a party doesn’t think its putative nominee will win, the next election will be on everybody’s mind.
  24. John Kasich Is Finally Done Pretending He Could Be PresidentThe Ohio governor, who still trails Marco Rubio in the delegate count, will suspend his delusional campaign for the GOP nomination this afternoon.
  25. Cruz Losing Popularity Among Republicans at the Worst Possible MomentPolls in Indiana aren’t the only public-opinion problem facing Ted Cruz. Republicans nationally are suddenly souring on him.
  26. This Delusional John Kasich Ad Imagines What His Nomination Will Look LikeEven as the Kasich-Cruz “pact” begins to fall apart in Indiana, a new ad for the Ohioan shows him imagining Rapture in Cleveland.
  27. the national circus
    The Trump vs. Clinton Game Is on for NovemberGet ready for the GOP’s self-proclaimed “presumptive nominee” to begin a new phase of anti-Hillary attacks. 
  28. early and often
    Trump’s Northeastern Sweep Might Spell Doom for the ‘Never Trump’ MovementHis string of victories could make next week’s Indiana primary a true must-win for Ted Cruz and what’s left of the anti-Trump coalition.
  29. early and awkward
    The Cruz-Kasich Deal Is Already Falling ApartTrump’s opponents can’t even collude properly. Sad!
  30. early and often
    Cruz, Kasich Team Up to Keep Delegates From Trump in 3 Upcoming PrimariesWith the unorthodox deal, both candidates are trying to ensure a contested convention.
  31. Kasich: Dems in D.C. Should Stay Disenfranchised“Maybe I’ll have to flip-flop my position, OK? I don’t know,” he added, bravely.
  32. the national interest
    Kasich Plan Hidden in Undisclosed Ohio LocationBut you should really buy it, and get some TruCoat.
  33. Does John Kasich Have a Strategy, or Is He Just Meandering Around the Country?You’d think a candidate billing himself as an open-convention favorite would be focused like a laser on snagging second-ballot commitments while helping stop Donald Trump. You’d be wrong.
  34. early and often
    Donald Trump Only Lost One Place in New York: His HomeManhattan voted for John Kasich.
  35. New York Voters Have a Lot of ComplaintsNew York appears to be really bad at hosting primary elections, but really good at complaining about them.
  36. early and often
    Clinton and Trump Poised for New York VictoriesThe Donald needs a landslide in his home state. Bernie Sanders needs another Michigan miracle.
  37. GOPers Have Self-Serving Views of Who Can WinThe Republican presidential candidates favor a circle of legitimate candidates just big enough to accommodate their own selves, and no bigger.
  38. Donald Trump’s Lead in New York May Be Smaller Than It LooksThe Donald is set for a landslide victory in the Empire State, but a new poll shows him losing two dozen delegates in New York nonetheless.
  39. the national interest
    John Kasich Meets Talmudic Scholars, Tries to Explain Bible to ThemHe apparently does not consider the possibility that they know more about this subject than he does.
  40. early and often
    The 3 Different Kinds of GOP Delegate FightsThink of it as a three-dimensional chess game. 
  41. Is GOP Rank-and-File Too Daft to Pick a Nominee?There’s a theory kicking around on the right that party leaders need to ride in and save the day. But the logistics might prove tricky.
  42. early and often
    Cruz Wins Wisconsin, Keeps Hope Alive for Contested ConventionThe big question is whether Cruz can stop Trump from recovering with big wins in the Northeast.
  43. GOP Congressman: Clinton Will Control Your MindDon Young thinks GOP voters have been hoodwinked by scaremongers — and that President Clinton would control what time everyone has to wake up.
  44. New Poll Shows Trump Up by 36 Points in New YorkIf that margin holds up, the Donald could take all 95 delegates in the state.
  45. in the field
    Queens Republicans Like John Kasich Because, Really, Who Else Is Left?The anti-Trump, anti-Cruz candidate gives a town hall and grabs a slice in Howard Beach. 
  46. The GOP’s Candidate Loyalty Pledge Is Dead — Now Things Might Get Really MessyTrump, Cruz, and Kasich are all backing off their promises to support the eventual nominee. All of the third-party threats are back on the table.
  47. Can the GOP ‘Loyalty Pledge’ Survive the Wild Escalation of Insults? Can “Lying Ted Cruz” and “sniveling coward” Donald Trump still support each other in and beyond Cleveland? 
  48. Here Come the Electability Arguments As the nomination contests gear down toward a June finale, hard-to-resolve arguments for and against the surviving candidates based on their perceived strength in a general election are filling the air.
  49. Time for John Kasich to Fold His TentThe central conceit of his candidacy is looking increasingly bizarre.
  50. early and often
    Arizona Is Good to Trump, But Cruz Hangs On Thanks to UtahMeanwhile, Kasich loses to zombie candidate Rubio in Arizona and gets skunked on delegates for the night. 
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