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  1. The Republican Convention Is Looking More and More Predictable by the Day“Insiders” are cooling to the idea of a nominee who hasn’t run this year. That dramatically reduces the number of scenarios.
  2. Bush Super-Pac Honcho on Blowing Through $100MMike Murphy says out loud what others just think about the GOP nominating contest.
  3. Sorry, John Kasich: Trump and Cruz Can Together Control a ‘Contested Convention’All the Republican Establishment fantasies of bypassing the primary results to choose a preferred nominee via a “contested convention” ignore the reality that Trump and Cruz together will almost certainly control enough delegates to thwart them.
  4. The Republican Establishment Goes to Plan C: John KasichFirst there was Jeb “Shock and Awe” Bush, and then the extremely popular Marco Rubio. Now it’s Kasich’s turn.
  5. early and often
    March 15 GOP Primaries: Can Anyone Stop Trump?Tuesday could produce a Trump nomination, a Trump-Cruz showdown, or a contested convention. 
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Romney to Campaign for Kasich, But Will Only Endorse ‘Not Trump’He couldn’t possibly choose a favorite non-Donald candidate.
  7. Cruz, Kasich, Rubio Dividing Turf to Beat TrumpThey are officially staying out of each other’s way to maximize the odds of someone beating Trump in all five states. After that, all bets are off.  
  8. early and often
    Civil Debate Fuels Hope for Cruz and Rubio’s Anti-Trump AllianceThe rumored deal would let Trump and Cruz go head-to-head, avoiding a contested convention.
  9. the national interest
    The Republican Candidates Let Donald Trump Win#NeverTrump feels like a long, long time ago.
  10. What Happens When Republican Candidates Stop Being Real and Start Getting PoliteThursday’s GOP debate felt less like a reality show, and that’s probably good news for Donald Trump.
  11. It’s Now Clear That Trump Is the Only National Candidate in the GOP FieldHe’s able to count on a sizable vote anywhere and everywhere, and possesses a strategic flexibility his rivals can only dream of.
  12. the national interest
    Non-Trump Republicans Break Out Into Turf WarsHow will the anti-Trump coalition divide up territory?
  13. For Ted Cruz, Anti-Trump Cabal Could Be a Suicide PactShould Cruz help Rubio and Kasich and the Republican Establishment stop Trump, knowing they’ll cast him aside the minute they can?
  14. Trump Gets Hit, Kasich Gets Boost in Fox DebateThe Fox debate in Detroit provided a good start for the anti-Trump cabal that aims for victory — for somebody — in Cleveland.
  15. Watch the 11th GOP Debate With Daily IntelligencerWatch the opening battle of the GOP’s civil war with New York’s political team.
  16. the national interest
    Why the Winner of Marco Rubio Versus Donald Trump Might Be John KasichIf Rubio takes down Trump, will he survive himself?
  17. early and often
    GOP’s Trumpicide Attempt Exciting, Not EffectiveRepublican elites were enthused by this unholy mess of a debate, which only shows how desperate they’ve become.
  18. Cruz and Rubio Played Smart Nevada Politics — and Got Waxed AnywayTrump doesn’t bother to customize his appeal for any particular place, and that could help him a lot in the blizzard of March primaries.
  19. Kasich and Rubio Can’t Even Beat Trump in Their Home StatesEven in Ohio, John Kasich gets Trumped.
  20. early and often
    Kasich Is Sorry If He Offended Women, Urges Them to ‘Relax’Nobody’s getting sent back into the kitchen.
  21. Moderate Republican John Kasich Defunds Planned ParenthoodEvery liberal’s favorite Republican candidate isn’t so moderate on issues of women’s health care.
  22. Donald Trump Wins South CarolinaSouth Carolina wants to make America great again.
  23. Kasich’s Very Iffy Path to the GOP NominationIf John Kasich had some ham, he’d make a ham sandwich, if he had some bread. 
  24. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  25. Politico Calls Boring Bush Ads ‘Scorched Earth’Don’t let the publication’s zest for political bloodshed mislead you.
  26. Kasich All Dressed Up With No Place to GoHe better enjoy his moment in the sun. 
  27. Early Voting Under Way in Post-N.H. StatesEarly voting is already under way in some of the upcoming primary states, so organization is at a premium.
  28. Kasich Says He’s the Best Democrat in the RaceKasich isn’t a Democrat, but he plays one in town halls.
  29. A Snowstorm Threatens to Chill Turnout at New Hampshire’s PrimarySome predict a snowy primary would be bad for Rubio.
  30. If Rubio Falters in New Hampshire, Things Could Get Weird For RepublicansLife might get a lot easier for Trump and Cruz, and bring the Establishment nightmare to life.
  31. It’s Officially Do-or-Die Time for Rubio’s Establishment RivalsSaturday night’s debate may be the last chance for Bush, Kasich, and Christie to survive “winnowing.”
  32. early and often
    New York Times Endorses Clinton and KasichThe paper says Bernie Sanders doesn’t measure up to Clinton, and essentially picks Kasich by the process of elimination.
  33. The Hellish Gridlock of the GOP’s ‘Establishment Lane’Something’s got to give — and New Hampshire is supposed to provide the shakeout. But will it?
  34. Fox News GOP Debate: Nobody Won So Everyone Lost (Except Trump!)The candidates in a position to make a big move stood still, while those gumming up the works did relatively well. 
  35. early and often
    Pro-Kasich Pac Ad Calls Out Trump for Peddling Terrible SteaksDefinitely the worst thing he’s done (according to Ron Swanson).
  36. the national interest
    John Kasich’s ‘Plan’ to Balance the Budget Does Not Actually ExistThe evolution of a campaign myth.
  37. national affairs
    And John Kasich Is the Angry One?In this year’s GOP primary, centrism is the unhinged position.
  38. the national interest
    Peace Breaks Out Among the Republican CandidatesAfter Jeb is quietly put to sleep, the candidates agree to agree.
  39. early and often
    Deez Nuts Endorses Bernie Sanders, John Kasich for PrimariesBut the 15-year-old is still supporting himself for the general election. 
  40. the national circus
    The GOP Debate: Donald Trump and the DisappointmentsBush was dreadful. Rubio was tedious. Walker was bland. Only Kasich held his own against the GOP’s man of the hour.
  41. the national interest
    Republicans Really Not Happy John Kasich Told Them They Are MonstersThe governor’s invitations to Koch-brother confabs keep getting lost in the mail.
  42. the national interest
    John Kasich’s Quest for Glorious MartyrdomMeet the new McCain-Huntsman doomed voice of sanity.
  43. the national interest
    Republican John Kasich Just Got Extremely Real on ObamacareApology coming in 3, 2, 1 …
  44. equal rites
    Ohio Gov. Backs ‘Civil Unions,’ Not Civil UnionsWhat year is it?
  45. golf shots
    Ohio Governor Claims Biden Stinks at Golf But Says He’s Good“Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer.”
  46. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Decides to Be Less Romney-ish About Ohio Union LawA day after refusing to take a side, Romney says he “fully supports” the law .