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  1. spy games
    John Kerry to Edward Snowden: ‘Man Up’The secretary of state is not impressed by the leaker’s interview from Russia.
  2. early and awkward
    John Kerry Regrets Saying Israel Could Become an ‘Apartheid State’He wishes he could “rewind the tape.”
  3. oh russia
    Breaking Down Putin’s Lies About UkraineFact-checking the Russian president’s outlandish press conference.
  4. international affairs
    Ukrainian Troops Put on High Alert in Anticipation of ‘Potential Aggression’The day after Russia’s parliament approved the use of military force there.
  5. the ones that got away
    Kerry, Romney Say America Blew Its Chance to Make Them PresidentSo stop begging.
  6. photo op
    Photo Quiz: What the Hell Is John Kerry Doing? (Part Three)This time, with potatoes.
  7. politics
    John Kerry Fist-Bumping Snoop Dogg Is Somehow Not That AwkwardWatch a GIF and video. 
  8. syria
    Did the Obama Administration Mislead the Public on Syria? Seymour Hersh thinks so.
  9. international intrigue
    Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Were Kept Super SecretNews outlets knew of talks before the U.S. told Israel.
  10. international affairs
    Iran Agrees to Temporary Plan to Curb Its Nuclear ProgramIn exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.
  11. John Kerry Wants to Change the World, Doesn’t ‘Care at All’ About His ImageMany aren’t fans of his frequent gaffes, so that’s good.
  12. international intrigue
    Israel Not Feeling the World’s Optimism About a Nuclear Deal With IranJohn Kerry and the U.S. are more cautiously optimistic.
  13. photo quiz
    Photo Quiz: What the Hell Is John Kerry Doing? (Part Two)Another round.
  14. international relations
    Kerry Says He Didn’t Bumble Into a Syria Solution, Answered ‘Purposefully’He recapped the dizzying situation on 60 Minutes.
  15. que syria syria
    U.S., Russia Reach Agreement on Syria’s WeaponsJohn Kerry and his Russian counterpart announced the deal on Saturday.
  16. que syria syria
    John Kerry May Have Accidentally Stumbled Into a Syria Solution [Updated]He made an off-the-cuff proposal he thought Syria would never go for. Syria likes it. 
  17. que syria syria
    Obama Wins a Bit More International Support on SyriaHis chances in Congress remain dubious.
  18. photo op
    Code Pink Is Just Going to Hold Up Their Bloody Hands Behind John Kerry All DayHere’s the photo. 
  19. terrorble
    Kerry Says Assad Used Sarin Gas in Syrian Chemical AttackHe also said he believed “Congress will do what is right.”
  20. syria
    John Kerry Sure Made It Sound Like the U.S. Is Going to Bomb Syria [Updated]“It matters here if nothing is done.”
  21. international affairs
    John Kerry Says Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria Is ‘Undeniable’Making a military strike on Assad’s regime looks more and more likely.
  22. photo quiz
    Photo Quiz: What the Hell Is John Kerry Doing?The cancan?
  23. international affairs
    After Three Years, Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Will ResumeAfter an intense push by John Kerry.
  24. undignified arrests
    Man Arrested Outside John Kerry’s Home Was Drinking, Taking PicturesClearly, he’s never heard of Snapchat.
  25. get well soon
    Teresa Heinz Kerry Improves, Cause of Illness Still UnknownShe’s moving to a rehabilitation hospital.
  26. get well soon
    Teresa Heinz Kerry in Critical ConditionAfter being rushed to the hospital on Nantucket.
  27. early and awkward
    John Kerry Caught Enjoying the Holiday Weekend During Egyptian CoupHe was “briefly” on his yacht.
  28. John Kerry Pulls a Classic John KerryThat’s our John!
  29. international affairs
    Austin Professor Thinks We Should Bomb North Korea Right NowWhat could go wrong?
  30. international affairs
    John Kerry Is in Iraq Right NowSurprise!
  31. international intrigue
    Here Is John Kerry Speaking Norwegian for Two SecondsIt’s not as good as his French.
  32. précoce et maladroite
    Is John Kerry Afraid to Speak French on American Soil?Or does he just hate Canada?
  33. international intrigue
    Apparently John Kerry Speaks GermanWatch him compliment a dude’s shoes!
  34. international intrigue
    John Kerry Brings Democracy to KyrzakhstanAnd he’s only been on the job for a few weeks!
  35. secretary of awesome
    Can John Kerry Be a Secretary of Awesome?We examine the photographic evidence.
  36. foreign affairs
    John Kerry Had a Busy First Weekend As Secretary of StateThe job sounds exhausting, and he hasn’t set foot on a plane yet.
  37. comings and goings
    John Kerry Confirmed As Secretary of State Whether the South Likes It or NotThe vote was 94 to 3.
  38. early and awkward
    John McCain Jokes About Waterboarding John KerryTorture is offensive … and hilarious!
  39. video
    The Many Cameos of Politicians in TV and MoviesPlus a few first ladies!
  40. congress
    Rep. Ed Markey Is the First Official Contender for John Kerry’s Senate SeatBut probably not the last.
  41. comings and goings
    President Obama Picks John Kerry for Secretary of StateYup, this is not a surprise.
  42. cabinet concerns
    Obama May Have Already Chosen Kerry for StateSources say it’s “basically a done deal.” 
  43. coming and goings
    Republicans Are All of a Sudden Big Fans of John KerryAt least he’s not Susan Rice.
  44. comings and goings
    Susan Rice Will Not Be Secretary of StateShe withdrew her name from consideration this afternoon.
  45. early and awkward
    Scott Brown Resuming Duties As Father and Husband“There isn’t an opening for senator. But there is an opening for a dad and a husband.”
  46. comings and goings
    Fighting John Kerry’s Nomination Almost As Dumb As Nominating John KerryThe strange strategy of a John Kerry’s potential nomination as Secretary of Defense.
  47. John Kerry Is Losing His Campaign to Be Secretary of StateBut he may get defense secretary as a consolation prize.
  48. master debaters
    John Kerry Seriously Thinks It Was the Altitude Definitely wasn’t Obama’s debate prep, that’s for sure.
  49. america’s forgotten sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Why We’re Still Talking About HerShe thinks Kerry “diminished himself by even mentioning my name.”
  50. stuck in the mittle
    Bill Kristol Thinks Mitt Romney Should Release More Tax Returns [Updated]The conservative pundit called the candidate’s position on the matter “crazy.”
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