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John Kinnucan

  1. folk heroes
    Wall Street Hero John Kinnucan Gets Second Visit From FBI ‘Suits’“I know I’m the biggest whack job on the planet, but I feel fine.”
  2. e-mail etiquette
    When You E-mail Powerful People to Tell Them You Didn’t Talk to the FBI About Them, Maybe Blind-CC EverybodyAnd don’t talk about it to the point where Reuters seeks a copy.
  3. talking heads
    John Kinnucan Wouldn’t Sing for Feds, But Now He Won’t Shut Up“If I don’t raise my voice, nobody will, because everyone has gone underground.”
  4. well then in that case it must be fine
    One More Thing From Wall Street Hero John Kinnucan Re: Expert Networks“It seems to me if the SEC is watching this go on for years, which they presumably have been if they’re doing their job, and they haven’t chosen to stop it, it has been given their implicit blessing.”
  5. the great holiday hedge fund bust
    Wall Street ‘Hero’ John Kinnucan Explains HimselfHe might have worn a wire if the Feds had been nicer.
  6. folk heros
    Analyst Who Refused to Cooperate With FBI Hailed As HeroJohn Kinnucan is lauded on CNBC.
  7. the great holiday hedge fund bust
    Man Blows Off Feds, Law & Order Style“We … declined the young gentleman’s gracious offer to wear a wire and therefore ensnare you in their devious web.”