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  1. politics
    Will Democrats Act Like the Party of Voting Rights or Not?The conservative Supreme Court and GOP are set to do even more damage unless they’re stopped.
  2. vision 2020
    The 48-Year Journey of Joe Biden’s Democratic PartyAt the moment he accepts the nomination, Biden and his party have evolved into a proud force for diversity and progressivism.
  3. the national interest
    Obama’s John Lewis Eulogy Gives a Blueprint for the Next Fight for DemocracyA new voting rights act, statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., and ending the filibuster.
  4. filibuster reform
    Could Civil Rights Force Democrats to Kill the Filibuster?Voting rights and racial-justice legislation may provide the perfect reason for Democrats to unite in favor of filibuster reform.
  5. politics
    John Lewis Never Lost HopeThe congressman and civil-rights legend died on Friday. He recently spoke with Zak Cheney-Rice about why he stayed the course.
  6. john lewis
    John Lewis’s Lifelong Struggle for Voting Rights Isn’t OverOnce it looked like Obama’s election represented the culmination of John Lewis’s career. A new documentary shows battles for old causes persist.
  7. politics
    Rep. John Lewis Announces He Is Being Treated for Stage 4 Pancreatic CancerThe civil-rights leader announced he is undergoing treatment, and that he will continue to represent Georgia’s Fifth District.
  8. racism
    We Know Too Much About Trump to Believe He Cares About Fixing BaltimoreTrump’s disparagement of Baltimore and one of its U.S. congressmen, Elijah Cummings, should be viewed in the context of his past racist remarks.
  9. impeachment
    The Impeachment Option Grows DimThings could change if the administration refuses to release the full Mueller report. But in likelihood, the fight to remove Trump will move to 2020.
  10. Can Kushner’s Patchy Prison-Reform Bill Survive the Senate?A House-passed bill backed by the Trump administration at the behest of Jared Kushner could succumb to bipartisan crossfire in the Senate.
  11. Who Represents MLK’s Legacy Today?Barack Obama was an heir to King’s political legacy, but it’s clear now that he didn’t occupy the Promised Land of equality, either.
  12. White House Shames John Lewis for Disrespecting the Sacrifices of John LewisThe Trump administration accused the wrong congressman of putting partisanship above the “incredible sacrifice” of civil-rights heroes.
  13. Roy Moore Hasn’t Won Just YetMoore has improved his position since being hit with sexual-misconduct allegations, but African-American turnout for Doug Jones could be crucial.
  14. There Are So Many Reasons to Root Against ‘Trump’s Team’ in the Super BowlLike it or not, the game has political undertones. Big league.
  15. Paul LePage Explains Civil Rights to John LewisApparently the man who was beaten at the Edmund Pettus Bridge needs to thank Republicans.
  16. How Booker and Lewis Tried to Raise the Bar at Sessions’s Confirmation HearingTwo African-American lawmakers suggest a higher standard for an attorney general than affability and not being a racist.
  17. civil rights
    March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary PhotosEric Holder and other leaders spoke about the continued need to fight for civil rights.
  18. early and awkward
    Congressman John Lewis Dances Gangnam Style, for DemocracyLet’s see what this looks like.
  19. convention dispatch
    Congressman John Lewis: GOP Making ‘Deliberate Effort’ to ‘Steal’ the ElectionLewis elaborates on his DNC remarks.
  20. best congress ever!
    The House’s Reading of the Constitution Gets Off to an Awkward StartDemocrats want to know why, exactly, we’re not going to mention the slavery parts.
  21. tea parties
    Tea Partiers Yell Slurs, Spit on CongressmenMeanwhile, House Democrats have the votes!
  22. the greatest depression
    Barney Frank to Haul TARP Recipients to Washington for Major SassingThe House Financial Services Committee chair is having the heads of bailed-out banks to Washington for a little chat.
  23. early and often
    Superdelegate John Lewis Is Not Not Voting for Hillary. Probably.Representative John Lewis from Georgia caused quite a fuss when the Times reported he might not vote for Hillary at the Democratic National Convention in August. Lewis “said Thursday night that he planned to cast his vote as a superdelegate for Senator Barack Obama,” read the story, which was written by campaign vets Jeff Zeleny and Patrick Healy. But now Lewis’s office has issued a statement saying that the Times story is inaccurate. “It is plain there is a lot of enthusiasm for Barack Obama,” said Lewis’s spokesman. But “those things are observations,” not statements of preference. Jones has apparently not made up his mind yet about how he will vote, though he is taking into consideration how his constituents voted. Meanwhile, Obama has been calling him all day. Now, Lewis left things pretty open in his explanation to the Times, so the fact that he felt it necessary to issue a whole separate statement about it afterward tells us one thing: Having an irate Hillary Clinton call you on the phone must be terrifying. Rep. Lewis: Report of delegate switch to Obama ‘not accurate’ [Atlanta Journal-Constitution] Earlier: One Superdelegate Wavers, America Holds Its Breath
  24. early and often
    One Superdelegate Wavers, America Holds Its BreathThere are nearly 800 superdelegates voting in the Democratic primary, and literally hundreds of them are still undecided. There’s a lot of time before they’ll have to decide, too. So the fact that one of them has possibly switched his position shouldn’t really be a big deal, right? Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. We know by now that everything in this campaign is a big deal. So when word broke last night that Representative John Lewis (D-Georgia) either defected or is considering defecting, from the Clinton camp to the Obama camp, we knew there was a pundit tizzy in the making. Lewis is a well-known civil-rights leader and possibly Clinton’s most prominent African-American supporter. Just the fact that this is happening may be a sign that some of those early Clinton backers, especially African-Americans, are having a change of heart. Or it may just mean that one dude changed his mind. Luckily for you, there are plenty of people to decide what it means, so you don’t have to. • Jeff Zeleny and Patrick Healy report that Representative Lewis said he could “‘never, ever do anything to reverse the action’ of the voters of his district, who overwhelmingly supported Mr. Obama.” Even if he hasn’t officially endorses yet, they write he could do so within days. [NYT] • Mark Halperin thinks that if Representative Lewis defects to Obama, Clinton’s odds of winning the nomination will be cut in half. [Page/Time]