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John Lindsay

  1. vision 2020
    Will Bloomberg Break the Mold and Run a Competent Presidential Campaign?New York mayors, including the current one, who ran for president haven’t done very well. Maybe Bloomberg can do better.
  2. past is prologue
    How the 1969 Mayoral Primary Changed New York City PoliticsLiberal icons in both the Republican and Democratic primaries both lost to conservatives, leading to a sea change in party politics.
  3. vision 2020
    De Blasio ’20 Is Ridiculous, But Not That RidiculousNow that the mayor has ignored everyone’s advice and is running for president, it’s time to treat him just like any other doomed candidate.
  4. John Lindsay’s Best and Brightest Recall HimThe aristocratic mayor with the common touch.
  5. photo op
    Old John Lindsay Campaign Billboard DiscoveredLike this John Lindsay ad painted on a brick wall in Brooklyn.
  6. our crabbiest mayor
    Florence Henderson Reveals Her One-Night Stand With ‘Friend’ John LindsayAlso: The former mayor gave her crabs, and she found him unattractive. Friendship!