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  1. last night on late night
    John Oliver Examines the 3rd-Party CandidatesThe problems from Jill Stein’s music career to Gary Johnson’s erotic-mountain talk.
  2. Donald Trump
    6 Times Donald Trump (Probably) Fabricated Interactions With Other PeopleA politician who is a gifted liar knows to make his or her lies hard to debunk. Trump is not a gifted liar.
  3. the sports section
    The Yankees Respond to John Oliver’s TrollingThey put up a message on the scoreboard that read, “Thanks, John Oliver. Everyone is welcome at Yankee Stadium.”
  4. the sports section
    John Oliver Continues to Troll YankeesAnother game, another batch of funny costumes behind home plate.
  5. the sports section
    John Oliver’s Yankees Tix Went to Ninja TurtlesStriking a blow against snobbery.
  6. the sports section
    John Oliver Giving Yankees Seats to RiffraffHis HBO show bought tickets to the team’s opening homestand.
  7. last week tonight this morning
    Watch John Oliver Call Out Redskins’ Attempt to Defend Their NameAt least Redskins isn’t as bad as “Dick Balls,” right? Right??
  8. last week tonight this morning
    John Oliver: Why Do We Only Talk About Mental Health After Mass Shootings?“The aftermath of a mass shooting might actually be the worst time to talk about mental health.”
  9. John Oliver Talks LGBT Discrimination“It is long past time where gay people have the same rights that straight people have.”
  10. last week tonight this morning
    John Oliver Is Pretty Sure No One Would Notice If the American Flag Had 51 StarsLast Week Tonight thinks it’s time to give D.C. some representation in Congress. 
  11. last week tonight with john oliver
    John Oliver Says Public Cash for Stadiums Is Bad“I’m not saying we shouldn’t have giant aquariums in ballparks full of terrified fish … But we should not be using public money to pay for them.”
  12. last week tonight with john oliver
    John Oliver Advises Taking Confederate Flag Down“I believe the first time the Confederate flag was used in a racist way was the exact second they finished sewing the very first one.”
  13. john oliver
    John Oliver Bought Ad Time in Trinidad So He Could Complain About FIFA MoreThe TV host continues his one-man vigilante crusade against the soccer overlords. 
  14. last week tonight with john oliver
    John Oliver Imagines Robert Durst’s Children’s Book, Good-bye, Jail“Good-bye, money. Good-bye, bail. I killed them all, but good-bye, jail.”
  15. fifa
    John Oliver Begs, ‘Make Sepp Blatter Go Away’Last Week Tonight tackles soccer again.
  16. spy games
    John Oliver Asks Edward Snowden If the NSA Can See Americans’ Dick PicsThe answer is usually “yes.”
  17. early and often
    Eric Cantor Falling Right Into a ‘Golden Safety Net,’ Says John OliverNo tears for the congressman.
  18. John Oliver on Hosting His First Daily Show: ‘This Is Weird’Oliver did a good job, though. 
  19. white house correspondents’ dinner weekend
    John Oliver Wishes the White House Would Stay Off the Internet “I think I really prefer the idea of a nineteenth-century president.”
  20. revolt like an egyptian
    The Daily Show Made an Infomercial for American InterventionThere’s something for every “catastro-tunity.”
  21. early and often
    St. Paul Report: Eugene Mirman, Chicken Run Afoul of Secret Service23/6’s on-air personality, New York comedian Eugene Mirman, had a little incident.
  22. 21 questions
    ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent John Oliver Fears We’re in the End TimesName: John Oliver Age: 29 Job: Daily Show correspondent and advisory-board member to Dave Eggers’s writing program, 826NYC. Oliver will perform tonight at Symphony Space at an 826NYC fund-raiser, McSweeney’s Presents: The World, Explained. Neighborhood: West Village Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? I like the sound of Emily Warren Roebling. Anyone who can finish building the Brooklyn Bridge whilst finding time to be a member of Daughters of the American Revolution is okay by me. Although her implied support of the Boston Tea Party is appalling. The only time throwing tea into the sea would be acceptable would be if you’d pre-boiled the ocean. And added a splash of milk.
  23. cultural capital
    Comedy Nerds, Meet Indie-Rock Nerds “There’s a lot of sexy geeks here tonight,” said Clem Snide front man Eef Barzelay from the stage. The crowd at Irving Plaza last night for The Daily Show’s “Ten Fucking Years” anniversary concert cheered in agreement. From the program guide that is sure to be on eBay within 24 hours (introduction by Thomas Pynchon — for serious!) to the bouncing thrum of Superchunk, the event was a social mixer few would dare to host. (Consider: Sarah Vowell was one of night’s biggest star sightings.) Proceeds went to the cool kids’ favorite charity, Dave Eggers’s 826NYC.