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  1. vision 2020
    How Biden Can Challenge Trump on Trying to Rig the ElectionBiden should try to split Trump from his enablers by disclaiming an attack on the legitimacy of the Electoral College if all votes are counted.
  2. Reports: The Pentagon Spent Millions on UFO ResearchFor about five years, the government wanted to believe.
  3. russia probe
    Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta Steps Down Amid Mueller ProbeHe has not been charged, but reportedly said he can’t do his job while “under attack by Fox News and the right-wing media.”
  4. Report: Robert Mueller Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Over Ukraine TiesThe Russia probe is veering in some unexpected directions.
  5. select all
    Could a 14-Year-Old Have Hacked John Podesta?Trump is leaning on Assange’s word, but the evidence tells a different story.
  6. IT Staffer: John Podesta Was Hacked Because of My TypoClumsiness has rarely been so costly.
  7. Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Ritual Involving Children and Marina AbramovicThis may be the far-right’s most unhinged misreading of a WikiLeaks email yet.
  8. In Leaked Emails, Clinton Aides Plot to Use Shirtless Shot of Bernie Against HimThe septuagenarian was just trying to catch some rays.
  9. Clinton Considered Releasing Her Wall Street Speeches on ‘Transparency Day’After Clinton’s top aides found out about her private email server, some advised her to lay all of her cards before the public in a one-day news dump.
  10. Clinton’s Initial VP List Included Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Bernie SandersWikiLeaks reveals that a democratic socialist and the “billionaire class” were both early veepstakes contenders.
  11. 6 Insights From the Latest Batch of Clinton EmailsThe vice-chair of the DNC leaked a town-hall question to Clinton and Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge conferred regularly with her campaign manager about UFOs.
  12. Clinton Campaign Chairman: ‘The American People Can Handle the Truth’ About UFOsJohn Podesta really wants those files declassified.
  13. inaugur-nation!
    John Podesta Has a Brief Message About the Future of DemocracyIt involves BlackBerries. Bear with him.