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  1. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss the Olympics Tuesday? Here’s a GIF-capShaun White and the Curse of the Slushy Flatbottom.
  2. party chat
    Gay Celebs Answer the ‘So Now Are You Going to Finally Do It?’ QuestionWe put the marriage pressure on Cheyenne Jackson, Don Lemon, and Johnny Weir.
  3. movers and shakers
    Johnny Weir Is Moving to ManhattanHe’ll fit right in.
  4. gays of our lives
    Johnny Weir: ‘I Don’t Celebrate Being White or Male, So Why Should I Celebrate Being Gay?’The “controversial” figure-skating star opens up to Meredith Vieira.
  5. skating around the obvious
    Johnny Weir Is Gay for Men“In a sexual way I’m gay, but I would marry a woman tomorrow if it struck me.”
  6. gossipmonger
    Diddy ‘Shut Out’ of His Own PartyThat’s if he tried to get in at all.
  7. party chat
    Johnny Weir Doesn’t Watch Evan Lysacek on Dancing With the StarsAlso, he’s planning a skating extravaganza with Lady Gaga and Elton John.
  8. gossipmonger
    Amanda Seyfried Explains the Intellectual Process Behind Putting on Catsuits and Looking Sexy“This is not acting, it’s pretending.”
  9. old folks say the darndest things
    Larry King Asks Johnny Weir How It Feels to Be So ‘Fierce’Johnny Weir: “Kathy Griffin would be very excited for you right now.”
  10. gossipmonger
    Brittany Murphy Didn’t Leave Her Husband a CentInstead, she left all her money to her mother.
  11. olympics
    Animal Rights Activists Are After Johnny WeirNow the poor guy has to stay in the Olympic Village.
  12. party chat
    Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for NowEven in these hard financial times, when sponsors are hard to come by, the figure skater has scruples. Well, some scruples.
  13. intel
    Glamorous Celebrities! At, Um, Wollman Rink…In which our Tim Murphy attends “Skating With the Stars — Under the Stars” and accosts celebrities like Donald Trump, Johnny Weir, and Christopher Meloni with his camera crew.
  14. party lines
    Skating With Mariska, Carson, Johnny, and the Kids At last, an upside to this inconveniently truthy weather: an outdoor ice-skating party in April that felt as frigid as an ice-skating party ought to. “Skating With the Stars Under the Stars,” held at Central Park’s Wollman Rink last night, wasn’t a competition; it was a free-skate night benefiting Figure Skating in Harlem, a skating and educational program for girls, many of whom were on hand in snazzy ensembles to skate and get celeb autographs. The celeb contingent included lots of skaters — plus, of course, Mariska Hargitay. But the quotes of the night belonged to Carson Kressley and Johnny Weir; they’re after the jump.