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    Booster Shots Are Now Approved for All of the COVID VaccinesAdditional dose recommended for all with J&J and many who got Moderna, with “mix and match” allowed for all varieties.
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    Johnson & Johnson Says Second Shot Increases Vaccine EfficacyA second shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been found to provide 94 percent protection against the virus, according to the drug company.
  3. booster shots
    J&J Says Booster Led to Spike in Antibodies in Early TrialsThere are a ton of caveats, though.
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    Big Pharma Will Pay Biggest Settlement Since Big TobaccoFour companies will settle claims for $26 billion, two weeks after a similar settlement with Purdue Pharma and members of the Sackler family.
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    FDA Will Add Warning of Rare Nerve Syndrome to J&J VaccineAbout 100 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome have been reported among U.S. recipients of the vaccine.
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    Will the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Need a Boost Against the Delta Variant?A dose of an mRNA vaccine may give recipients of viral-vector vaccines a more robust immune response against the dangerous variant.
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    Johnson & Johnson Must Toss 60 Million Vaccine Doses Made at Troubled PlantOnly ten million J&J doses produced by Emergent BioSolutions’ Baltimore facility have been cleared for use.
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    U.S. Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID VaccineThe FDA and CDC have lifted their pause of the one-shot vaccine after an extensive safety review regarding a very rare blood clot risk.
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    CDC Finds 9 More Cases of Blood Clots After J&J ShotA federal panel reviews the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause over rare clots.
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    U.S. Vaccination Pace Stalls After Months of GrowthA sharp week-over-week drop is a bad sign in the fight for herd immunity.
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    Fauci: Johnson & Johnson Shot Could Return on Friday With Warning LabelThe public-health official anticipated that the single-dose vaccine would return with either a warning or a restriction on what ages could receive it.
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    What We Know About the Johnson & Johnson Pause and Vaccine HesitancyEurope faced a similar problem over a shot and clots.
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    CDC Recommends 7- to 10-Day Pause on Johnson & Johnson VaccineAn advisory board wants to study the rare blood clotting associated with the J&J vaccine before making a decision about how to reinstate the shot.
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    How Experts Are Reacting to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseMost stressed that federal regulators were right to be cautious despite the long odds of serious side effects.
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    A Former FDA Chief on What It’s Like to Pause a VaccineDr. Margaret Hamburg, the former head of the FDA, on the controversial decision to stop giving out the Johnson & Johnson shot.
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    What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseThe FDA and CDC recommended a temporary pause in use of the vaccine while they probe several cases of recipients experiencing severe blood clots.
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    The J&J Vaccine Supply Is About to PlummetIf you’re hoping to find an appointment for a one-and-done COVID vaccine in the next few days, your chances are about to get considerably worse.
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    J&J Takes Over Plant Where Contractor Error Led to Loss of 15M Vaccine DosesNew reports detail past batches of discarded vaccines and doubts that Johnson & Johnson can correct the course at the plant in Baltimore.
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    The Story of One DoseInside the sprawling operational puzzle of bringing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to the public.
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    Johnson & Johnson Throws Out 15 Million Doses, Pauses U.S. ShipmentsAn error at a Baltimore facility producing the shots caused the debacle, though doses which have already been distributed were not affected.
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    How Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Became the Hot ShotWhat first looked like an inferior option has become popular, with many people seeking it out over Pfizer or Moderna’s jabs.
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    Catholic Archdiocese Bans COVID Vaccine Over Tenuous Link to AbortionThe ruling would be right at home in the Middle Ages.
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    Johnson & Johnson Will Run COVID Vaccine Trials on InfantsBut neither it nor any other COVID vaccine will likely be available to U.S. children until at least the fall.
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    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shown Highly Effective Against Severe COVIDThe one-shot dose, while less effective against a new coronavirus variant, is great at preventing the worst effects of the virus.
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    Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Moves to Final Trial StageThe company says it could determine whether the dose is effective by the end of this year.
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    Johnson & Johnson: COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready Early Next YearThe pharmaceutical giant plans to start human trials by September.
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    S.C. Johnson, Maker of Windex, Wants You to Know It’s Not in Opioid BusinessThe attorney general of Oklahoma might have created a bit of confusion on that point in discussing an opioid judgment.
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    Heiress Casey Johnson Accused of Stealing Reality Star’s UnderwearAmong other gross things.
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    Jamie Johnson Understands, But Pities, Social ClimbersAnd it’s hard to be sad for all your friends!
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    Right Now, Sean Avery Is Getting Anna Wintour StarbucksThe injured Ranger begins his tour of duty at ‘Vogue,’ Carl Icahn’s battle with Yahoo heats up, and Donald Trump is in another fight … in today’s roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
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    Jamie Johnson Loves It When You Hate the RichToday’s the big day for Jamie Johnson, when his documentary The One Percent premieres on Cinemax tonight at 6:30. In the past couple of weeks, he’s been doing interviews about it, and, we have to say, we’ve been continually amused by his painstakingly cultivated stubble and “It’s freshman year, and I just took off my white baseball hat” hairstyle. But now it’s crunch time, and the twice-Emmy-nominated documentarian is having to face critics and fans who have been waiting to see how he follows up on his debut work, Born Rich. The sophomore effort focuses on the wealth gap in America and tries to get across that, Hello, it’s really, really big. “I see it as we have a legitimate problem out there and most people in my position aren’t willing to recognize it,” he explained to Forbes. “I don’t see it as rich boy’s guilt.” Today’s “Rush & Molloy” column points out that, awkwardly, much of the film is an attack on the Fanjul family, members of Johnson’s social cohort. (The filmmaker assures the Palm Beach Post that he “doesn’t hate” them.) The Times took a croquet swing at the film today, and we can tell they sort of liked it in spite of themselves, though they call it “immature” and complain that “Mr. Johnson thinks he is telling us something we don’t already know.”
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    Jamie Johnson: The Superrich Are Totally Psyched About RecessionsYou’ve gotta love Jamie Johnson. The prettiest boy heir of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune has a real knack for uncovering the most confusing and loathsome aspects of wealth. First we heard about all of his tragic but forgivably young and naïve friends in Born Rich, his debut documentary. Now, with his sophomore effort, The One Percent, we’re apparently going to hear about the older versions of these subjects — the ones whose offensiveness we can’t shrug off as due to youth or stupidity. “Contrary to common assumption, many of the wealthiest Americans aren’t worried about the weakening economy at all,” Johnson wrote on the Huffington Post last night. “They are actually excited about it.” Wait, wha? But they’re the ones who are going to lose the most money! (Oh, wait. They’re still going to have tons of it while we have less of the little we had originally.) Johnson explains the so-called glee of the ultrarich: To them, the crisis in the housing market, the recent slide in stock prices, and the general loss in purchasing power for millions of Americans have resulted in the thinning of the aristocratic ranks, or in other words, have decreased demand for the highest level of luxury living. Ironically, for the mega-rich, recession brings with it the ability to live well at a lower cost and with less of a hassle.
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    The Fight for the Red Cross: In Which We End Up Siding With the Multinational Conglomerate Over the Healthy Do-GoodersWhen we first came across this news in the Times, we immediately nominated it for our Chutzpa of the Year award: Johnson & Johnson has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to wrest the red-cross logo from the American Red Cross. What’s next, we wondered, DreamWorks suing Islam for exclusive use of a crescent moon? As we read on, however, we found ourselves involuntarily siding with the health-product giant over the disaster-relief nonprofit. Turns out J&J trademarked the logo before the American Red Cross was even chartered. And that the two had peacefully co-existed, like Apple Computer and the Beatles’ Apple Corps, under a deal that allowed the nonprofit use of the logo so long as they not step on each other’s toes. This meant that the health org wouldn’t go into retail (and that the conglomerate wouldn’t go solving health crises, we suppose).