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Johnson Amendment

  1. voting rights
    Mississippi Senator Suggests Sunday Voting Will Offend GodCindy Hyde-Smith is likely fine with other secular activities on the Sabbath. Restrictions on Sunday voting are actually aimed at Black churches.
  2. voting rights
    Churchy Republicans Attack ‘Souls to the Polls’A crackdown on Sunday voting is one of the more hypocritical of the voting-suppression methods pursued by Georgia’s Christian right.
  3. evangelicals
    Trump Warns Evangelicals That Dems Will Restore a Law That Was Never RepealedThe president keeps claiming he’s gotten rid of the Johnson Amendment, which won’t let tax-exempt entities campaign for politicians. He didn’t.
  4. The Amendment Allowing Churches to Get Political Is Gone From the GOP Tax BillIt was spiked by the Senate parliamentarian.
  5. GOP Will Give Christian Right an Easy Victory in Exchange for Tax-Bill LobbyingThe repeal of a ban on politicking from the pulpit Trump promised the Christian right isn’t in the Senate tax bill. It will be added for a price.
  6. Trump Tax Bill Repeals Limits on Politicking From the PulpitIt would have no immediate impact, but repealing the Johnson Amendment redeems a major symbolic Trump promise to conservative Evangelicals.
  7. Trump Vows to Get Rid of Electioneering Restrictions on ChurchesIn another payoff for Christian-right political support, Trump would end the principle that tax subsidies are inconsistent with partisan politicking.