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  1. politics
    Former Senator Jon Kyl Will Replace McCain in the SenateKyl is only a short-term replacement, as the 76-year-old has no interest in serving past 2020.
  2. Looks Like Republicans Will Avoid a Special Election for McCain’s SeatGOP Governor Doug Ducey will name a successor to John McCain if he vacates his Senate seat, who will likely not face voters until 2020.
  3. early and awful
    Jon Kyl Has Just the Rape Analogy for This Cairo Embassy MessWhyyyyyyyyy?
  4. early and awkward
    Now the Only Evidence That Jon Kyl Lied About Planned Parenthood Will Be the Entire InternetPhew.
  5. bons mots
    Ten People We Wish Had Used the Kobe/Kyl Non-ApologyAndy Cohen, Donald Trump, even Barack Obama — they could all learn a lesson from these guys.
  6. how tweet it is
    Stephen Colbert Is Making Lots of Non-Factual Statements About Jon KylIf you like hilarious Twitter memes, you’ll love this hilarious Twitter meme.
  7. war on christmas
    War on Christmas Now Being Waged in the Very Halls of the Senate [Updated]GOP senators fight for their right to not work immediately before and after Christmas.
  8. nuclear warring
    Nuclear Missiles Are the Newest Political FootballObama and the Senate GOP are in a standoff over a nuclear treaty with Russia.
  9. crossing over
    Did President Obama Reveal His Whole Evil Immigration Plan to GOP Senator?That’s what Arizona senator Jon Kyl claims.
  10. the supremes
    Republicans Clearly Not Finding Anything Good on Elena KaganGOP says the “burden of proof” is on her.
  11. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Will Be Confirmed by a 65–35 VoteThat’s our prediction, anyway.