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  1. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Stops by Late Show to Yell at Mitch McConnell Over 9/11 SurvivorsIf we’re being honest, Jon Stewart does seem “bent out of shape” about the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.
  2. 9/11
    McConnell on Jon Stewart: ‘He’s All Bent Out of Shape’ Over NothingThe Senate majority leader says 9/11 first responders will be taken care of and Stewart is “looking for some way to take offense.”
  3. 9/11
    Health Care for 9/11 Victims Is Expensive, But Islamophobia Is FreeJon Stewart’s testimony demonstrates how the GOP invokes 9/11 to inflame bigotry while remaining noncommittal on funding health care for its victims.
  4. 9/11
    A History of the Long Fight to Secure Funding for 9/11 First RespondersWhy Jon Stewart was so frustrated on Tuesday when he lobbied lawmakers, once again, over the treatment of emergency workers at Ground Zero.
  5. 9/11
    Jon Stewart Yelled at Members of Congress for Ignoring 9/11 First Responders“It’s an embarrassment to the country and it’s a stain on this institution.”
  6. the media
    What Jon Stewart Gets Wrong About Trump and the MediaThe relationship between the Fourth Estate and a president who wants truth to have no relevance in our civic life should resemble a “fight.”
  7. great escapes
    Queens Bull Escapes to College, Gets Rescued by Jon StewartThe comedian’s war on runaway bullshit takes a surprising and heartwarming turn.
  8. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Crashes Another Late-Night ShowHe wanted to talk about the Zadroga Act again. 
  9. still waiting…
    Jon Stewart Returns to TDS, Shames McConnellHe said McConnell “doesn’t give a s**t about anything but politics.”
  10. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Pushes for 9/11 Survivors in DC“I’m embarrassed for our country. I’m embarrassed for New York, I’m embarrassed that you, after serving so selflessly with such heroism, have to come down here and convince people to do what’s right.”
  11. controversial meetings
    Jon Stewart: Obama Meeting Wasn’t a Secret, But Roger Ailes Meeting WasApparently the Fox News CEO told him, “This conversation never happened and if you say it did, I’ll deny it.”
  12. strange bedfellows
    Jon Stewart Reveals the Real Reason Obama Invited Him to the White House It wasn’t policy-related … we hope.
  13. daily show
    Obama Once Pitched His Policy Ideas to Jon Stewart at the White HouseThe retiring Daily Show host had a few meetings with the president. 
  14. goodbyes
    Obama Tells Jon Stewart He Can’t Leave TDSAt least Stewart got him to weigh in on Trump.
  15. the national circus
    Indiana, Arkansas, and the GOP’s Disastrous Anti-Gay Bigotry There will be consequences far beyond the economic punishment that is already being inflicted on Indiana.
  16. q&a
    Jon Stewart on 16 Years of The Daily Show and His Directorial Debut RosewaterWhat do you do after years spent creating an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might make a movie about torture.
  17. in conversation
    Jon Stewart on His Directorial Debut RosewaterWhat do you do after years spent turning a show into an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might spend a summer making a movie about torture.
  18. media
    Jon Stewart Confirms NBC Wanted Him to Host Meet the Press“My guess is they were casting as wide and as weird a net as they could.”
  19. NBC Wanted to Hire Jon Stewart to Host Meet the Press “They were ready to back the Brink’s truck up,” one source said
  20. the daily show
    Hillary Hints at Oval Office Plans on Daily ShowShe’s almost given up on pretending she’s undecided.
  21. spring break y’all
    Watch Jon Stewart Mercilessly Mock Fox News Spring Break CoverageShotgunning beers, twerking, and cocaine on cable news.
  22. media
    Nate Silver Only Cares About Some of the HatersThe FiveThirtyEight founder explains which on The Daily Show.
  23. de mayor
    De Blasio Mocks Bloomberg, Learns to Eat Pizza in Daily Show DebutAnd gets a (not so) Big Gulp.
  24. de blasio’s new york
    Bill de Blasio Will Take His Dad Humor National on The Daily ShowMaybe Jon Stewart can get to the bottom of that eating-pizza-with-a-fork blasphemy.
  25. your daily daily show
    Jon Stewart to Michael Grimm: Don’t You Dare Mess With NY1“To be fair, ‘I will throw you off this f*cking balcony’ is a relatively standard and traditional Staten Island good-bye.”
  26. spy games
    Jon Stewart Not Buying Obama’s NSA Speech at All“How do we stop this lose-lose?”
  27. pizzagate
    Jon Stewart Has Some Feelings About Bill de Blasio’s Pizza-Eating Style“You’re a man of the people — eat like one.”
  28. the racie for gracie
    The Daily Show Buries Joe Lhota, Dances on GraveReally rubbing it in.
  29. media
    The Daily Show Plays ‘Good or Bad’ With CNNCNN asks, “Is that good or bad?”
  30. government shutdown
    The Daily Show Destroys Republicans on Shutdown“The Daily Show” is enjoying the shutdown.
  31. que syria syria
    Jon Stewart Does Not Recommend Getting Involved in the Middle EastHe would know.
  32. que syria syria
    Jon Stewart Thinks We’re Going to Bomb Syria for Obama’s PenisHe’s not a fan of this war. 
  33. tv
    Watch Jon Stewart on Egypt’s Daily ShowHe stopped by Al-Bernameg on his way to Iran.
  34. the racie for gracie
    Jon Stewart Nips Mayoral Speculation in the BudWith a Weiner joke.
  35. international intrigue
    America’s Jon Stewart Defends ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’Bassem Youssef was arrested recently for insulting Islam and Egypt’s president.
  36. the national interest
    Jon Stewart Hits Back at Paul Krugman on CoinSpoiler: The economist is the one who’s right.
  37. cable news news
    Jon Stewart Slams Fox News’s Hypocrisy Over Gore’s Al Jazeera DealGuess what Al Gore and Rupert Murdoch have in common.
  38. the daily show
    Jon Stewart Shocked to Learn That Cory Booker TweetsCome on, Jon!
  39. jesus christie
    Jon Stewart Blasts Chris Christie Over Fickle Friendship With ObamaThe guy just can’t win.
  40. the war on christmas
    Jon Stewart Rips Into Fox News’ ‘War on Christmas’Christmas actually ate up Thanksgiving this year.
  41. the daily show with jon stewart
    President Obama on The Daily Show: ‘We Weren’t Confused’ on LibyaObama defends Benghazi response, makes Biden jokes.
  42. master debaters
    Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Rumbled Last NightThere were zingers all over the place.
  43. politics
    Bill Clinton Explains Secret to His DNC Speech on The Daily ShowListen up, Paul Ryan.
  44. master debaters
    Stewart and O’Reilly to Have Heated Debate in ‘Air-Conditioned Auditorium’“The Rumble 2012.”
  45. politics
    Marco Rubio Sounds Awfully Democratic on Daily Show, Stewart Points Out“I believe that government should create the conditions for private sector investment.”
  46. Video: Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart to Get His $1M Super PAC BackYes, $1 million. 
  47. fun-raising
    Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Mock Idiotic Super PAC RulesNo coordination!
  48. funny because it’s true
    Colbert’s Super PAC Is Actually Pretty Serious“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, like a specific campaign or the electoral system.”
  49. paulitics
    Sorry, Jon Stewart, Ron Paul Is Not in the Top TierHe deserves respect and attention, but we all know he’s not a viable candidate.
  50. cable news catfights
    Jon Stewart: Yes, Fox News, I Do Make Silly Ethnic VoicesBut I’m no racist.
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