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  1. cable news catfights
    Jon Stewart: Fox News Is ‘the Biggest Bunch of Crybabies I Have Dealt With in My 30 Years in Washington’The Comedy Central host uses Chris Wallace’s words against him.
  2. equal rites
    Daily Show Picks Up on One of the Many Elements of Absurdity in Albany This WeekNamely: corn.
  3. video
    Jon Stewart Calls Fox News’ Chris Wallace ‘Insane’“You’re insane.”
  4. video
    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert React to Their Shows Being Used As Aphrodisiacs in Anthony Weiner’s Sexts“You want me to cut my wrists again?!”
  5. weinergate
    Jon Stewart Says ‘You Gotta Keep It Cleaner, Weiner’Help us understand.
  6. manufactured controversies
    Jon Stewart (Poetry) Slams Bill O’ReillyThis Common thing just won’t die.
  7. cable news catfights
    Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly to Get Together on Monday to Debate … CommonThat’s definitely going to be relevant in three days’ time.
  8. manufactured controversies
    Jon Stewart Chides Fox News … With Spoken WordFighting fire with spoken-word poetry.
  9. video
    Watch Jon Stewart’s Spot-on Parody of Glenn Beck’s Farewell AddressComplete with chalkboards, glasses, and a lone stool.
  10. mike huckabee
    Mike Huckabee Debates the Judeo-Christian State With Jon StewartAnd it goes on for a really, really long time.
  11. video
    Jon Stewart on NBC News’ Big G.E. ProblemNBC’s parent company sure is involved in a lot of controversial news.
  12. revolt like an egyptian
    The Daily Show Made an Infomercial for American InterventionThere’s something for every “catastro-tunity.”
  13. terrorble
    Jon Stewart Exposes Terrorist-Obsessed Peter King’s Terrorist Ties [Updated]Sometimes they make it so easy.
  14. bieber fever
    Bieber and Stewart Pull a Freaky FridayWorlds collide — and explode!
  15. final fantasies
    Michael Steele Goes Up Against Puppet Michael SteeleWe thought this day would never come.
  16. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Appointed to 9/11 BoardThe board hopes he’ll help bring in big bucks.
  17. bons mots
    Bloomberg: Jon Stewart ‘Without a Doubt One of the Biggest Factors’ in Passing 9/11 BillThe ‘Times’ asks: “Is Stewart our Edward R. Murrow?”
  18. never forget
    So, What Is Jon Stewart, Exactly?Now that he’s helped to get the Zadroga bill passed, trying to define him is even harder.
  19. september 11
    Jon Stewart’s Takedown of GOP Opposition to the Zadroga Bill Is Practically Operatic“God Bless the USA.”
  20. cable news catfights
    Roger Ailes Calls NPR ‘Nazis,’ Threatens Dana Milbank’s Balls“They are, of course, Nazis.” Of course.
  21. jon stewart
    Political Analyst Jon Stewart Assesses the MidtermsA metaphor for the Democrats involving glue and gonads.
  22. rally to restore sanity
    Seventeen Sane And/Or Fearful Signs from the RallyBlockin’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind.
  23. rally to restore sanity
    Sanity Reigns in Jon Stewart’s AmericaDeep in the heart of Stewart-Colbert territory.
  24. rally to restore sanity
    On the Bus With Arianna and the Sanity RestorersA $500,000 whim takes the Huffington Post founder and a few thousand hitchhikers from New York to D.C.
  25. cable news
    Talk Box: Sorry, Dems, Obama’s Daily Show Stint Wasn’t About Helping YouSome TV pundits see the appearance as an early start to Team Obama’s 2012 campaign.
  26. rally to restore sanity
    Red Tape vs. Sanity at Jon Stewart’s RallyHow the mass gathering of the moderates almost didn’t happen.
  27. the two most important people in the world
    Stewart and Obama: The Ambiguously Earnest DuoBarack Obama and Jon Stewart haggle over the meaning of “change you can believe in.”
  28. ink-stained wretches
    Liberal Media’s Guidelines for Stewart/Colbert Rally: ‘Politely Chuckle, in a Non-Genuine Manner’The Washington ‘City Paper’ has a laugh at NPR and the WP’s expense.
  29. cable-stained wretches
    Rick Sanchez Promotes Jon Stewart From ‘Bigot’ to ‘Classiest Guy in the World’Sanchez talks about the chip on his shoulder.
  30. television-stained wretches
    Rick Sanchez Apologizes, But Fox News And MSNBC Are Still ‘Not Interested’Sanchez called his comments “tired and mangled” and said they should never have been said.
  31. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Basically Takes High Road in Regard to Rick Sanchez“[It’s] a chance to get in touch with, not our dirtier, but our better Sanchezes.”
  32. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Jokes About Rick Sanchez“All [Sanchez] has to do is apologize to us, and we’ll hire him back.”
  33. the jerk store
    Jon Stewart and His Jewish Media Pals Aren’t Fooling Rick SanchezRick Sanchez knows who REALLY runs the media.
  34. rally to restore sanity
    Obama ‘Amused’ by Jon Stewart’s D.C. RallyObama’s been watching his Comedy Central.
  35. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly Visits Daily Show For Good-Humored ChatStewart says Beck won’t have him on air.
  36. gop
    John Boehner’s Rhetoric Hasn’t Changed Much in Twelve Years“This thing’s not even a sequel; it’s like a shot-by-shot remake,” Stewart says.
  37. don’t ask don’t tell
    Jon Stewart Asks, ‘Are We Run by Assholes?’“How does a popular bill not become a law?”
  38. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly Asks Jon Stewart If He Has ‘Obama Remorse’A sparring match between the hosts.
  39. jimmy carter
    Jimmy Carter: Not a Witch, Cool With Masturbation“As a young man, I was not 100 percent against … “
  40. rally to restore sanity
    Jon Stewart Announces ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ for October 30Colbert to lead “March to Keep Fear Alive.”
  41. cable news news
    Jon Stewart to go on Bill O’Reilly’s Show, Vice VersaLove it when this happens.
  42. glenn beck
    Jon Stewart Tears Apart Glenn Beck’s Rally, CoreBeck “has a scheme.”
  43. ground zero mosque
    Fox News: Why Not Build the Mosque ‘in Woody Allen’s Building?’“That’s your go-to, out-of-touch, New York–liberal-Jew reference?”
  44. afghanistan
    Jon Stewart Calls Attention to Afghan Soldiers’ Unusual Preparation RitualA “high” priority issue.
  45. confirming kagan
    Jon Stewart: Republicans Uncomfortable With Kagan’s ‘Jew-sylvania’ Background“Her opponents … fear they’ll look like provincial little-brains.”
  46. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Would Make Fun of Fox & Friends Every Day If He CouldAnd he keeps tabs on the blogosphere.
  47. afghanistan
    Jon Stewart ‘Finds a Flaw’ in Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy“We don’t have the momentum and we’re going to stay the course.”
  48. gretchen carlson
    Fox & Friends Host: Being President Is ‘Just Like Our Job’And Jon Stewart calls her out.
  49. joe barton
    Jon Stewart Calls Joe Barton a ‘Disdainful Asshole’“I don’t like you!”
  50. the flash crash
    Jon Stewart’s Unfunny Brother Is Testifying About the ‘Flash Crash’ Right NowThe COO of NYSE Euronext could use a better team of writers.
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