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Jonathan Alter

  1. cable-stained wretches
    Roger Ailes Says He’s Just Not That CrazyThough he’s “a LITTLE paranoid.”
  2. cable news news
    How Roger Ailes Runs Fox News in the Obama EraAccording to Jonathan Alter’s new book.
  3. the great switcheroo
    Clinton-Biden Switcheroo Not Impossible, Unnecessary Column Informs UsThis rumor will never die.
  4. how tweet it is
    Chris Christie Still Not Running for President, or, the Problem With Reporting on TwitterJonathan Alter maybe should have taken some more time with this one.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    Talking Head Jonathan Alter Is the Last of the ‘Newsweek Six’ to LeaveThe end of a 28-year relationship.
  6. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin Trashes Katie Couric, Swears Off Interviews With HerMeanwhile, the rest of cable news seems convinced that she’s going to run for president.
  7. early and often
    Newsweek Columnist Alter’s White House Book Details Obama on ‘Teabaggers,’ Rahm’s Rage, Summers’s Nickname’New York’ obtained an advance copy of ‘The Promise,’ a chronicle of Obama’s first year, which will be released in May.