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Jonathan Capehart

  1. ink-stained wretches
    Jonathan Capehart Very Upset With Fake CongressmanDamn you, Twitter!
  2. early and often
    And the Award for the Scariest Denver-Area Hotel Goes To…If you’re IMPORTANT, you get to stay at the Sheraton or the Ritz. Otherwise, you just might be sleeping next door to a wannabe Obama assassin.
  3. gossipmonger
    If Wolcott Did It…The owner of former meatpacking S&M club–cum–celeb hangout the Vault is shopping a dishy tell-all. James Wolcott got his hands on the O.J. Simpson book, wrote about it in Vanity Fair. Naomi Campbell is leaving her agency to join IMG. (She was also named ambassador to Rio by the Brazilian city’s mayor.) Being Anna Wintour’s assistant really is as difficult as Emily Blunt made it seem in The Devil Wears Prada.