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Jorge Ramos

  1. vision 2020
    Biden-Sanders Debate Moved From Arizona to D.C. Over Coronavirus FearsThere won’t be an audience or a spin room, so it doesn’t much matter where the debate occurs.
  2. recode decode
    Jorge Ramos Talks to Kara Swisher About 2020 and Latino Trump VotersThe Univision anchor takes questions about the Univision sale, Bernie Sanders’s Cuba comments, and Latino Trump voters feeling “vindicated.”
  3. early and often
    Sanders and Clinton Promise Not to Deport KidsThey pledged not to deport any undocumented immigrant who doesn’t have a criminal record.
  4. trump cards
    ‘Go Back to Univision’: Trump Boots Journalist Jorge Ramos From Press ConferenceThen lets him back in to debate immigration policy.
  5. encounter
    Jorge Ramos on TV Ratings, Immigration“The Latino community expects from us much more than just news. They expect from us leadership. And they expect from us somehow to represent them.”