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Jose Peralta

  1. hiram monserrate
    Monserrate Loses Bid to Take Back Senate SeatJose Peralta victorious by sizable margin.
  2. oh albany!
    Smith: Is Jose Peralta Really All That Much Better Than Hiram Monserrate?Well, Peralta hasn’t been convicted of anything, so that’s progress.
  3. equal rites
    Monserrate’s Opponent Puts the Pressure on GaysIf he doesn’t win, gay marriage is probably finished.
  4. ballsy former state senators
    Hiram Monserrate Inspires Performance ArtProtesters got creative at Monserrate’s debate last night.
  5. ballsy former state senators
    Yep, Hiram Monserrate Is Running Against GaysBut do evangelicals hate the gays as much as he does?