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Joseph Kony

  1. international affairs
    One Year After Kony 2012, the Hunt for Joseph Kony Has Been ‘Paused’Kony 2013 looks a lot different.
  2. international intrigue
    Ugandan Troops Capture Top Commander in Kony’s ArmyThey’re narrowing in on Kony.
  3. the internet
    Kony 2012 Fallout: Video Flopped in Uganda, Linked to Anti-Gay Christian GroupsThe hottest advocacy video ever rightfully faces mounting criticisms.
  4. the internet
    Why Kony 2012 Went ViralThe advocacy video sweeping the Internet had a very specific game plan.
  5. ‘Stop Kony’ Video Goes Viral, Seeking Justice for Ugandans [Updated]The video follows a humanitarian effort to stop a madman from murdering and exploiting Ugandan children.