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Joseph Maguire

  1. politics
    Trump Mad Russia’s Plans to Help Him in 2020 Were Revealed to Lawmakers: ReportFearing that Democrats would “weaponize” the information, Trump berated the intel head responsible for informing lawmakers of the interference.
  2. trump administration
    Trump Names Loyalist With No Intelligence Record As Acting Intelligence HeadRichard Grenell will become the next acting director of national intelligence, as Trump surrounds himself with loyalists after impeachment.
  3. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Says Impeachment Inquiry Is All About Ukraine – for NowThe ultimate decision as to the scope of the impeachment effort may not be made until the impact of the Ukraine scandal is fully weighed.
  4. ukraine scandal
    Intel Chief Maguire’s Whistle-Blower Complaint Testimony — Live UpdatesActing DNI Joseph Maguire spoke to Congress Thursday about the whistle-blower complaint concerning Trump’s communications with Ukraine.