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    ‘Cared for, for Eternal Life’: Jewish Burial in the Age of COVID-19In a pandemic that impedes conventional bereavement, Chesed Shel Emes has upheld its mission to tend to any Jewish person in need of burial.
  2. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Testing Organized ReligionReligious believers often look to faith communities for safety in times of danger. But what if that poses public heath dangers, too?
  3. encounter
    The Face of Birthright Israel Is Speaking Out Against the Prime MinisterTalking to Charles Bronfman about Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, and the embassy move.
  4. Can Rabbi Rick Jacobs Save Liberal Zionism in the Age of Netanyahu?The senior official in America’s largest Jewish denomination has become an outspoken critic of the Israeli Establishment.
  5. Mazel Tov to Bernie Sanders, the First Jew to Win a Presidential PrimarySanders’s triumph in New Hampshire is a landmark in the history of Jewish-American socialism.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Vandal Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day With Possible Hate CrimeThe vandal targeted mezuzot.
  7. controversy
    Glenn Beck Is Sorry About Comparing Judaism to Radical Islam“I was wrong on this.”