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  1. 2018 midterms
    Flake Admits He Wouldn’t Have Rebelled on Kavanaugh If He Were Running AgainThe Arizonan’s brave act of bipartisanship was actually the lame gesture of a lame duck.
  2. Gorsuch Flatly Denies Allegations He Dissed Maternal Leave in Colorado ClassroomTrump’s nominee offered the Judiciary Committee a plausible alternative account of the alleged classroom incident.
  3. The Many Stealth Questions About Abortion in Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingIn addition to being grilled on Roe v. Wade, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee fields queries on “litmus tests,” the weight of precedent, and more.
  4. There Was a Lot of Happy Talk on Day One of Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingsBut that’s about to end.
  5. How to Understand the Gorsuch Confirmation FightThe two parties will promote very different standards for what a SCOTUS nominee needs for confirmation. Gorsuch’s may require “nuking” a filibuster.
  6. GOP Hits Embarrassing Snag on Confirming Health-Care OfficialShe will likely occupy one of the most powerful positions in the federal government. But Verma’s confirmation requires that more GOP senators show up.