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  1. supreme court
    Want Nonpartisan Court Reform? Add 4 Liberal Justices.Manufacturing a liberal majority is likely a prerequisite for preventing the Roberts Court from striking down unprecedented nonpartisan reforms.
  2. judiciary
    Should Democrats Plan on Packing the Courts in 2021?Certainly the threat of judicial reform should stay on the table so long as conservatives use judges to thwart democracy, as they did in FDR’s day.
  3. the democrats
    Senate Democrat Apologizes for Putting Too Little Trust in Mitch McConnellMichael Bennet suggests that McConnell’s conscience would have stopped him from nuking the filibuster, if only Democrats hadn’t done so first.
  4. 2018 midterms
    Republicans Could Increase Their Senate Majority at MidtermsEven if there’s a Democratic “wave” sweeping the House, a favorable landscape could win Republicans Senate gains.
  5. west virginia
    The West Virginia GOP Just Impeached the State’s Entire Supreme CourtMeanwhile, the party’s attempt to skew a Supreme Court election in North Carolina hit a snag.
  6. Senate Confirms Right-Wing Blogger to Federal Appeals CourtJohn Bush was both a lawyer and a blogger. Now he’s a federal judge.
  7. Trump Suggests His Supreme Court Pick Is Fine With Attacks on the JudiciaryTrump argues that Judge Gorsuch couldn’t have criticized him, because Richard Blumenthal didn’t really serve in Vietnam.
  8. Trump’s Dangerous Ploy to Preemptively Blame His Opponents for Terror AttacksIt could misrepresent the causes for terrorist acts, and justify steps that endanger our security and civil liberties even further.
  9. Trump Just Declared the ‘Court System’ a Threat to National SecurityNot content to attack individual judges and judicial decisions, the president is now disparaging the “court system” itself.
  10. courts
    Obama Needs to Nominate Some Judges, Says EveryoneDems and Repubs are unhappy with Obama. Typical.