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  1. couples
    Judith Giuliani on the Rudy She Married, and the Rudy She’s DivorcingHow she diagnoses her ex’s new “dissembling” condition.
  2. gossipmonger
    Rudy and Judy Spotted at TJ Maxx!And that’s not the only scintillating piece of gossip in our daily roundup!
  3. early and often
    Breaking: Giuliani May Have Billed Summer Weekend Flings to TaxpayersRudy Giuliani, in the later years of his mayoralty, was in the habit of billing travel expenses to obscure city agencies. Politico.com’s Ben Smith reports that among the expenses (hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth were racked up during Giuliani’s aborted run for senator) are over $30,000 which might be related to the mayor’s clandestine affair with Judith Nathan. In other words, taxpayers may have been paying the tab for part of his shenanigans. Starting in the summer of 1999 Giuliani began quietly billing visits Southampton (where Nathan kept an apartment and the Post reported he went to spend time with her) to offices like the Loft Board, the Office for People with Disabilities, and the Procurement Policy Board, even though none of the trips were on his official schedule. Bills were largely related to his constant police escort, which stayed in Southampton Inns (what if Paris Hilton needed a room?!) while he was there. Giuliani’s marriage to Donna Hanover did not end until the spring of 2000. This is big, big news, but Giuliani’s spokespeople aren’t commenting. In that vacuum, we can’t wait to see who does have something to say. We have some ideas… Giuliani Billed Obscure Agencies for Trips [Politico.com]