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  1. immigration
    What a 1970s Racist French Novel Tells Us About the Right’s ‘Caravan’ PanicThe Trump-fed panic over migrants heading toward the U.S.–Mexico border sure resembled the plotline of The Camp of the Saints
  2. Trump’s Immigration Chaos: Incompetence or Deliberate Trolling?Trump aide Stephen Miller’s sloppy policy rollouts could be the result of his inexperience and paranoia, or maybe he just loves taunting liberals.
  3. World Upside Down: Breitbart News Prefers Ryan to Trump on Dreamers DealTrump’s most reliable media allies are comparing his DACA deal to Bush 41 raising taxes, and even prefer their longtime target Paul Ryan’s position.
  4. With Steve Bannon Gone, What Becomes of His Closest Allies?Sebastian Gorka and Julia Hahn could be the next staffers on their way out of the White House.
  5. Puzder Is the First Trump Nominee to Fall Before He Is ConfirmedLiberals disliked Puzder for anti-labor policies and proud sexism. National Review disliked his immigration views. His many problems did him in.
  6. Paul Ryan–Hating Breitbart Reporter Joins White House StaffAs the Trump team works on an agenda with the Speaker, its staff will soon include a writer who has accused him of selling out America.