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Julian Robertson

  1. white men with money
    Chase Coleman’s Status Update: RichRich rich rich rich.
  2. billionaires they’re just like us
    Julian Robertson Has Been Working on the Same Novel for 29 YearsThe hedge-fund billionaire, 77, has writerly aspirations.
  3. company town
    Rupert Plucks ‘Journal’ From Its Home and Carries It Back to His LairMEDIA • Like a bird of prey with a juicy morsel in its claws, Rupert Murdoch is moving the Journal back to his midtown News Corp. nest to feast on its carcass. New plans include more entertainment coverage and a sports page! [NYT] • A mouse was spotted at the Times building! And as all apartment dwellers know, for every mouse you see, there are seven you don’t see. [Gawker] • The Writers Guild has struck a deal that allows them to write for the Grammys. Good thing, because improvised speaking never really sounds as good as improvised music. [USAT, Vulture]