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  1. impeachment
    The Trump Trial Isn’t a Criminal Proceeding, and the Senators Aren’t JurorsIt’s easier to understand an impeachment trial via analogies to criminal proceedings, but it’s dangerously inaccurate, too.
  2. passing notes
    Blago Jury Sends Cryptic Note to JudgeIt appears they may be deadlocked.
  3. oh albany!
    Joe Bruno Jury Has Decided on Two CountsBut for the life of them, they can’t wrap their minds around the other six.
  4. 9 11 trials
    9/11 Plotters Will Be Tried by a Jury of Good LiarsGood liars who lie about an ability to be fair and open-minded about the confessed 9/11 plotters.
  5. today in astor-ia
    No Verdict Anytime Soon in Astor TrialIn fact, the jury is just about “at each other’s throats.”