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Jury Duty

  1. bloomberg news
    I Was on Jury Duty With Michael BloombergEven billionaire ex-mayors aren’t above the courthouse bureaucracy.
  2. the most important people in the world
    Madonna’s Jury Duty Is Way Better Than Your Jury DutyBelieve it or not, the pop star got special treatment.
  3. education
    Teacher Fails at Forging Jury Duty LetterA veteran Manhattan educator is being forced to resign after doing a sloppy job.
  4. jury duty
    Casey Anthony Juror: ‘I’d Rather Go to Jail Than Sit on a Jury Again’Juror No. 12’s life has taken a turn.
  5. justice
    How Not to Get Out of Jury DutyExtreme racism doesn’t get you out of jury duty.
  6. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Was Called for Jury DutyShe probably won’t be forced to actually serve, though.
  7. cat party
    No, Your Cat Cannot Serve Jury Duty in Your PlaceMeow mistrial!
  8. jury duty
    President Obama Skips Out on Jury DutySounds like more of the same.