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Just A Good Tweet

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    Please Watch This Eagles Fan Run Into a Wall While Chasing a TrainA video truly worth watching with your sound on.
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    U.S. Department of Defense Accidentally Retweets Anti-Trump PostU.S. Dept. of Defense … welcome to the Resistance.
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    It’s ‘Tequila’ But With Trump Shouting ‘Antifa’Good luck getting this out of your head.
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    Police Roast Kid Who Thought He Was Vaping in Front of a Cop Car“I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car.”
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    Man Buys a Horse With His Tax Return: A Play in Two Tweets“With my tax return I’m gunna buy a horse.”
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    This Might Be the First-Ever Video of a Baptism to Go ViralAmen.
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    Teen Called Out for Smoking a Cigar Wants You to Know It Was a TaquitoHer neighbor texted her to chastise her for smoking where younger kids could see.
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    Bill Clinton’s Face Summed Up the Entire DebateBill and Chelsea Clinton made some excellent faces while watching the candidates.
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    Tall Teen Hands Out Business Cards to Anyone Who Mentions How Tall He IsNo, he doesn’t play basketball.
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    Kanye West Makes a Strangely Inspirational iPhone Lock ScreenLook at those perfectly positioned hands.
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    Nothing to See Here Except a Kitten Eating Tiny PancakesJust look at that little short stack.
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    ‘Sorry We Thought You Did Meth’ Is the Greatest Cake Ever BakedWhen words just aren’t enough, say it with a cake!