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  1. court appearances
    Inside the Vaping, Gambling, Jeering Wildness of the SBF Trial Overflow RoomsThe crypto fraud trial has an ungainly audience who hold nothing back, and it’s kind of great.
  2. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried Is Pulling an Elizabeth Holmes And TestifyingThe alleged crypto fraudster will take the witness stand in his defense — a risky move.
  3. justice
    Mar-a-Lago and the Never-ending Case Against TrumpWhat happens to the rule of law in purgatory?
  4. justice
    What Can Stephen Breyer’s Successor Accomplish?The Supreme Court’s liberals can try to forge a consensus, or use their perch to call out a conservative supermajority.
  5. justice
    ‘It’s a Real Lesson in the Corruption of This Country’Anti-Sackler activist Nan Goldin on the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement.
  6. executions
    Feds Restart Executions, Killing in Our Name During a Deadly PandemicAfter a 17-year hiatus on federal executions, the Justice Department had no good reason to execute prisoners this week.
  7. labor
    To Truly Protect LGBTQ Workers, Get Rid of At-Will EmploymentWeak labor protections leave workers vulnerable to discrimination.
  8. justice
    Who Gets Grace in the Courtroom?Judge Tammy Kemp’s decision to hug former cop and convicted murderer Amber Guyger tells us how our justice system works.
  9. civility
    What Should Progressives Be Willing to Sacrifice on the Altar of Civility?The “reasonable right” often asks too much for peace.
  10. justice
    The Death Penalty Is a Farce. William Barr’s Plan Might Make It Torturous.Capital punishment in America is racist and punishes innocent people at unconscionable rates. William Barr’s plan to use pentobarbital makes it worse.
  11. justice
    Bryan Stevenson on His ‘Not Entirely Rational’ Quest for JusticeThe attorney and activist on how America’s racial sins live on in our criminal justice system — and his belief that a transformation is possible.
  12. justice
    Jussie Smollett Is Free. That’s Good, Whether He’s Guilty or Not.Outrage at the Empire actor’s charges being dropped misses a more important point.
  13. supreme court
    On the Morning Kavanaugh Took the Bench, One Moment Stood OutInside the Supreme Court, there were a lot of interesting, if subtle, dynamics at play as the new justice was seated.
  14. The U.S. Is Quietly Exonerating 3 People a WeekAnd a third of them are in one Texas county.
  15. justice selfied
    Another Man Gets Arrested for Selfie-Related CrimeIt’s not a good year for selfies so far.
  16. Scottish Politician Who Shut Down Public Restrooms Gets Caught Peeing in PublicWonder why there were no bathrooms available. 
  17. California Curbs Solitary: A New Era in Justice?Long-term isolation will no longer be used as a method of social control. 
  18. boston bombing trial
    Testimony Hints Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Feels RemorseAn anti-death-penalty advocate and nun testified that Tsarnaev told her the Boston Marathon bombing victims did not deserve “to suffer like they did.”
  19. Tsarnaev Finally Breaks, and Sheds a Tear As His Relatives TestifyIt was the first time the defendant has shown any emotion in court.
  20. justice
    How Hillary’s Justice Speech Changes 2016 RaceHer remarks were not just timely, but potentially game-changing.
  21. boston bombing trial
    ‘There’s No Evening the Scales’: Tsarnaev Defense Battles to Avoid Death PenaltyThe team called witnesses who portrayed Dzhokhar’s older brother, Tamerlan, as controlling and volatile, most notably Tamerlan’s former mother-in-law. 
  22. justice
    Why Is Freddie Gray Dead?It may have less to do with villainy than tragedy, less to do with racism than race.
  23. call now for a free gift
    New York Helps People Scammed by SnuggiesIf you accidentally bought six Perfect Brownie Pans, the government is here to help. 
  24. Super-Secret Spy Sues CIA for Ruining RomanceHe is also upset that the agency did not approve his novel, Madhouse: A Forbidden Novel of the CIA.
  25. obits
    Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter Dead at 76The middleweight boxer’s wrongful murder convictions inspired Bob Dylan’s “The Hurricane.”
  26. justice
    Judge Judy Tapping Hot Brooklyn Talent for Hot BenchA real NYC judge is quitting her job to be on TV.
  27. justice
    Davis Pepper-Spray Cop Awarded More Than VictimsWorker’s comp payout of $38,056.
  28. things that are awful
    Man Mauled by Tiger Gets Light SentenceHe faces a year of mental health treatment.
  29. the internet
    What Can’t Urban Dictionary Define in Court?Justice (n): “A hot white boy, with abs!”
  30. civil liberties
    Nude Model Wins $15,000 Apology From Flustered CopsJustice.
  31. crime and punishment
    Time Is Running Out for Troy DavisThe Georgia inmate’s appeals have all been denied.
  32. unusual suspects
    New York: Low on Fat MenWe don’t even have enough to fill a police lineup!
  33. justice
    Judges Just Want Justice. And a Better PaycheckMore judges in New York are opting to return to lucrative private practice.
  34. masquerades
    You Mean You Don’t Really Work Here?A former United Nations volunteer posed as an immigration lawyer to scam victims.
  35. justice
    How Not to Get Out of Jury DutyExtreme racism doesn’t get you out of jury duty.
  36. capital punishment
    Texas Prosecutors Use an Unusual Strategy to Protect the Death PenaltyThe rarely used say-nothing defense rears its head.
  37. capital punishment
    Texas and the Death Penalty: Ur Doing It WrongTexas may rule the death penalty unconstitutional.
  38. heroes
    Even Criminal’s Own Mom Is a Fan of Salon-Defending Folk-Hero CopThe making of a folk hero.
  39. justice
    Note to Congressmen: Covering Up Your Affair With an Intern Isn’t Always the Best StrategyThe trial of the gang member accused of killing Chandra Levy in 2001 begins today.
  40. justice
    Capital Punishment: The One Vote Justice Stevens Would Have ChangedHis vote on the death penalty.
  41. early and often
    The Roberts Court’s Legacy: Interest Group Spending Is Up and AnonymousThanks to the court’s decision, we know very little about one of the election’s biggest conservative spenders.
  42. justice
    Did California Try to Rush an Execution Before Its Sodium Thiopental Expired?It certainly looks like it.
  43. justice
    Reverse Racism and Cover-ups at the DOJ or an Anti-Obama Campaign?Potentially explosive testimony from the former head of the Department of Justice’s Voting Rights Section.
  44. taxicab confessions
    Scamming Cabbies Finally Facing a Just PunishmentAt least the worst 59 of them.
  45. You Can’t Just Hand Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle a Bunch of Scribblings and Call It a Day“You expect the court to rubber-stamp, but we can’t.”
  46. justice
    Court Ruling Somehow Makes Capturing the Friedmans Even More SadJesse Friedman loses latest appeal on a technicality.
  47. justice
    New Orleans Cops Charged for Post-Katrina Civilian ShootingsFour were killed in the 2005 incident.
  48. settlements
    City to Pay Largest Personal Settlement Ever Over False ImprisonmentBobby Gibbs served nineteen years for murder he didn’t commit.
  49. justice
    Judge Okays Use of Term ‘Furburger’ in Classroom“If the Board of Education wants its teachers to instruct adolescents about HIV using Latinism of the academy, excluding vulgarism of the street, it should tell them so, plainly.”
  50. Paterson Creates Immigration Review Panel“In New York we believe in renewal … ” the governor says.
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