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  1. the most important people in the world
    Paparazzi Take Over Greenwich VillageBlame Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, and bologna.
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    Meet the RipstersThe trials and tribulations of buff nerddom.
  3. party lines
    The Writers’ Strike Has Amy Poehler Expressing Her Creativity in New WaysThe writers’ strike may end soon, and the SNL gang may have their day jobs back, but in the meantime, Amy Poehler’s getting her groove back. “I went to a hip-hop class at Crunch today,” she told us Friday night at actor Justin Theroux’s week-long public installation in Soho with a baseball-capped Will Arnett, her actor hubby. “Let me tell you something, those natural endorphins I’ve heard about — they really work.” Didn’t she ever do aerobic activity? “No,” she said. “Unless crying is considered an aerobic activity. I gotta get back to work.” So what else was she doing with her spare time? “I’ve doubled my therapy,” she said. But didn’t less work stress require less therapy? “No,” she replied. “I’m a thousand times more stressed when I’m not working. When you can’t blame everything on being too busy, a lot of shit comes up.” Totally. Last time our computers crapped out on us, we had to face that we had grown up to become bloggers whose high point of the week was Gossip Girl, and, well, it wasn’t pretty. Well, we told Poehler, at least you’re out doing new things, right? “Yeah,” she agreed. “And I’m learning how to become a midwife!” Wow! Really? “No.” —Tim Murphy Click here to read all our writers strike coverage from New York’s Vulture blog.
  4. party lines
    Amy Sedaris and Justin Theroux Exchange Weird Photos, Old Douche BagsAnyone who follows the wacky downtown crowd knows that Strangers With Candy genius-slash-cupcake maker Amy Sedaris and actor Justin Theroux (Broken English) are, like, total munchie buds.
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    Bobby Cannavale Has a Great Idea for ‘Sex and the City’ He’s come a long way since — Will’s boyfriend! Broadway next season! — but to Sex and the City fans Bobby Cannavale will always be “Funky Spunk,” film editor Adam Ball, one of Samantha’s many suitors and the guy with, as she put it, “the funkiest-tasting spunk.” So with buzz about the pending Sex and the City movie recently reaching a saturation point — the ladies are all in! So’s Big! — we couldn’t help but wonder when we saw Cannavale at the premiere of his friend Justin Theroux’s directorial debut, Dedication, whether his character, too, will return. “I doubt it,” he said. “I would be flattered if they asked me, but I hadn’t really thought about it. Back when the show was still on, I ran into Michael Patrick King and I was like, ‘I have a fantastic idea to bring this guy back!’ He listened to it then and thought it was funny so maybe I should call him back up.” So what’s that fantastic idea? “I can’t tell you,” Cannavale said. “I’ll tell him first and then, you know, if he doesn’t do it. But if he does it, you’ll know.” —Rachel Wolff
  6. cultural capital
    Sundance Report: Justin Theroux’s Hat Trick Yields Big Weinstein Sale Justin Theroux is running a filmic trifecta at Sundance this year. He steals Zoe Cassavetes’s Broken English out from under Parkey Posey with a dazzling performance as a self-loving L.A. actor (is there another kind?); in David Wain’s Biblical takeoff The Ten, he plays what he calls “Jesus Christ, or something”; and then there’s Dedication, his first directorial effort, a New York–set dark-toned romantic comedy starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore, which the Weinstein Co. snapped up for a cool $4 million. We spoke to Theroux the day after Dedication’s premiere and found him sporting a hand-drawn “Brad Pitt 2006” T-shirt and a necklace made of human teeth.