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  1. investigations
    The Vaping Industry Has Gone RogueJuul’s been dethroned. Mysterious upstarts sell banned flavors shipped in from China. Counterfeits are everywhere. And the authorities seem hopeless.
  2. vices
    FDA Orders Juul to Stop Selling in the U.S.The Biden administration has dropped the hammer on a once-hot vaping brand. And it’s going after the nicotine in cigarettes, too.
  3. the top line
    Instead of Juul, San Francisco Should Have Banned CigarettesOr gotten ahead of the vaping more effectively by piloting an effective age-restriction regime.
  4. technology
    Juul Tries Pandering to a New Audience: AdultsAfter an FDA crackdown, the e-cigarette giant is back with a new campaign.
  5. the top line
    The Best Way to Reduce the Ill Effects of Vaping? Make Cigarettes Harder to GetMany users combine the two products. That’s far from ideal.