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  1. Bust Nets More Than 30,000 Packets of K2 in Brooklyn Storage UnitOne of the people arrested at the scene had a link to the mass K2 overdose in Bed-Stuy in July.
  2. At Least 130 People Have Overdosed on K2 in New York in the Past 3 DaysJust ten shy of all of those hospitalized in June, according to the Department of Health.
  3. After Mass K2 Overdose, Police Raids and Protests in Bed-Stuy At least two more people in the area had to be hospitalized for an apparent K2 overdose. 
  4. More Than 30 People Hospitalized After Mass K2 Overdose in Bed-StuyThe synthetic marijuana put some people in critical condition. 
  5. high times
    Crazy-Making Synthetic Weed K2 Banned in NYCIt’s the dollar slice of the get-high market.