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Karla Giraldo

  1. ballsy former state senators
    Hiram Monserrate’s Slash-Victim Girlfriend Is Suing the City for $35 MillionAnd you thought this story couldn’t get weirder.
  2. ballsy former state senators
    Hiram Monserrate and Karla Giraldo Had a Night of Champagne and Makeup SexThey’re back together after a judge lifted his order of protection.
  3. early and awkward
    Hiram Monserrate’s Girlfriend Is So Not Terrified of Hiram MonserrateAnd here’s the video to prove it!
  4. ballsy state senators
    Hiram Monserrate Still Roaming the StreetsA judge spares him jail time.
  5. ballsy crimes
    Karla Giraldo Just Wants to Be Able to Snuggle Up to Hiram Monserrate AgainWhat with this standing protection order, her man can’t do normal, boyfriend things like bring her a glass of water in bed.
  6. ballsy state senators
    Hiram Monserrate’s Girlfriend Wants To Get Back to Decorating His ApartmentAnd shopping. And just sitting at home.
  7. ballsy state senators
    Hiram Monserrate and His Girlfriend Are Getting Married!L’chaim!
  8. early and often
    Hiram Monserrate Found Not Guilty of Felony AssaultBut the state senator may get jail time for a misdemeanor charge.
  9. ballsy crimes
    Hiram Monserrate Shouldn’t Have Changed That Bloody ShirtJackie Kennedy wouldn’t have.
  10. ballsy crimes
    Monserrate’s Girlfriend Perhaps Doesn’t Recollect Things Accurately All the TimeSome people would even say that she’s lying!
  11. ballsy crimes
    Another Hole Poked in Monserrate’s Already Suspect DefenseThe nurse understands Spanish quite well, actually.
  12. ballsy crimes
    Monserrate’s Girlfriend Needed Double the Stitches Previously ReportedThe doctor who treated her testifies.
  13. ballsy crimes
    Hiram Monserrate Is Basically Steve UrkelAs his trial begins, we’re told two versions of how his girlfriend’s face became slashed.
  14. sad
    City Councilman Who Fought Against Domestic Violence Arrested for Domestic ViolenceQueens councilman and Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate was arrested early this morning for attacking and cutting his girlfriend with a broken bottle.