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Kate Major

  1. gossipmonger
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trying to Win Reese Witherspoon Back, With Vintage DinnerwareThat would totally work for us. Then again, Jake giving us a Dixie cup would win us back.
  2. summering
    Nacho Figueras Thinks Prince Harry Is ‘Fierce’Plus, PC Peterson and Barron Hilton bromance one another at the Axe lounge, Billy Joel rebounds, and more Hamptons scuttlebutt.
  3. You Lived the Week — Now Get the T-ShirtJon & Kate Plus Kate: Now you can wear the saga on your body, instead of just letting it eat away at your soul.
  4. the least important people in the world
    Augh! Star Reporter Dating Jon Gosselin QuitsYou’ve won, Jon Gosselin, we’re writing about you. Now will you please, please, get out of New York?
  5. the least important people in the world
    Star Reporter Games the System, a Little Too Obviously This TimeKate Major, having written about celebrities for years, knew just what to do when photographed dining with Jon Gosselin.