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Kathleen Rice

  1. scandals
    Everyone Who Has Called for Governor Cuomo to ResignAs the scandal over COVID policies is compounded by harassment allegations, a growing number of elected officials say he must resign or be impeached.
  2. nancy pelosi
    Pelosi’s Future in Doubt as House Dem Dissidents Go Public in OppositionAnti-Pelosi House Democrats are close to the numbers needed to force her to step down, but aren’t there yet, and don’t have their own candidate.
  3. drug problems
    Nassau County Has a Drug ProblemD.A. Kathleen Rice announced the news today.
  4. early and often
    Guy Beats Bunch of Other People for Attorney General NominationEric Schneiderman, to be precise.
  5. politics
    More Fun With Negative Advertising in the A.G. RaceEric Schneiderman really, really wants you to know that the New York ‘Times’ likes him.
  6. politics
    Is Cuomo’s Annointed AG Successor Starting to Panic?Kathleen Rice goes negative as the one primary race that matters heats up.
  7. early and often
    Attorney General Candidate Kathleen Rice ‘Dabbled’ in Coke and PotJoin the club.
  8. early and often
    Cuomo to Try to ‘Pick Off’ Legislators, Choose Own ReplacementGod, doesn’t he know that Democrats TALK?