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  1. politics
    A 12th Person Has Died in NYC Jails This YearThree detainees have died in two weeks, and all but one in 2021 were being held on Rikers Island.
  2. politics
    Brian Benjamin Sworn In As Lieutenant Governor of New YorkBenjamin declined to weigh in on who should replace him as state senator in the 30th District.
  3. covid-19
    Hochul Adds Nearly 12,000 COVID-19 Deaths to New York’s TallyThe new governor included COVID deaths “reported to and compiled by the CDC,” while Andrew Cuomo’s only counted those reported through a state system.
  4. kathy hochul
    Hochul Expected to Select State Senator Brian Benjamin As Lieutenant GovernorAs expected, a New York City lawmaker gets the nod.
  5. governor kathy hochul
    New York State’s First Female Governor Sworn Into Office in Dead of NightGood-bye, Cuomo. Hello, Hochul.
  6. canines
    Coldhearted Cuomo Ditches His Dog at Governor’s MansionWould a political comeback even be possible after this?
  7. politics
    The Cuomo TouchHow he lost the governorship.
  8. politics
    What We’ve Learned About How Kathy Hochul Will Run the ShowFor one thing, she’s definitely seeking reelection next year.
  9. explainer
    What to Know About Cuomo’s Successor, Kathy HochulThe upstate Democratic road warrior has built deep relationships with lawmakers statewide and will now be New York’s first female leader.
  10. excelsior!
    New York Will Be Electing a Governor Soon. Who Is the Front-runner?There’s a big question hanging over the field — and it doesn’t even involve Andrew Cuomo.
  11. politics
    The Left Gets the Last LaughWithout Cuomo to frustrate them, New York’s progressives will be liberated.
  12. politics
    This Is How We Get Our First Woman GovernorCuomo’s singular gift to women may be his getting out of the way.
  13. politics
    Is Kathy Hochul Ready for This Mess?A political survivor prepares to succeed Cuomo.
  14. politics
    Andrew Cuomo ResignsThe governor proclaims his innocence, but will quit.
  15. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The Republican Upset in NY-26“Both parties are not looking at this as an isolated incident.”
  16. what other people think
    How Conservatives Are Reacting to Their Surprising Loss in Western New YorkIt had nothing to do with Medicare. NOTHING!
  17. early and often
    Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins Vacant G.O.P. House Seat“When [Hochul] started making these comments, I thought, ‘This is so outrageous no one would ever believe it.’ Apparently some people did.”
  18. early and often
    How to Interpret Today’s NY-26 Special ElectionCan it tell us anything about 2012?