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  1. early and often
    Kellyanne Conway Tells Trump to Blame His Advisers for Losing in 2020In a new op-ed, Trump’s estranged strategist offers a pitch for 2024 that gives the former president a new villain.
  2. politics
    Todd Akin Exposed the Republican Party’s Abortion ExtremismTalk of “legitimate rape” from the former congressman, who died this week, led to GOP losses in 2012. Today’s Republicans could experience déjà vu.
  3. biden administration
    White House Tells Trump Appointees to Get LostSean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and 16 other Trump loyalists were asked to resign from the committees advising the nation’s military academies.
  4. house divided
    Claudia Conway Isn’t Your Hermione GrangerThe #resistance’s quest for a hero takes it into unethical territory.
  5. trump administration
    Kellyanne Conway Announces White House Departure at the End of AugustThe embattled counselor and her husband, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, both said they were stepping back to focus on their family.
  6. the national interest
    No, Kellyanne Conway, Voting Rights Are Not Like Cupcakes“They wait in line for an hour at Georgetown Cupcake,” so they can do it to vote, says Trump adviser.
  7. politics
    Kellyanne Conway: Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Against Trump ImpeachmentIt’s highly unlikely that the reverend, who died fighting for equality, would oppose a Constitutional effort to hold a racist president accountable.
  8. ukraine scandal
    Lev Parnas and His Powerful Republican Friends: A Photo AlbumNo one knows Lev Parnas, but somehow they’ve all taken pictures with him.
  9. never trump
    George Conway, Steve Schmidt, and Other Conservatives Launch Anti-Trump PACThe Lincoln Project will work to defeat Trump and his most reliable lapdogs in 2020.
  10. racism
    Kellyanne Conway Accusingly Asks Reporter: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’Seems the president’s counselor thinks the best defense is to get really offensive.
  11. hatch act
    White House: Kellyanne Conway Will Skip House Hearing on Hatch Act ViolationsA federal agency said Conway should be fired. Instead, the White House is blocking her from testifying at Wednesday’s House hearing on the matter.
  12. trump administration
    Federal Watchdog Says Kellyanne Conway Should Be Fired for Violating Hatch ActConway constantly advocates for the GOP while speaking in her official capacity, which is illegal. Regulators say that’s unacceptable.
  13. mueller time
    Trump’s Aides Take a Victory Lap After Mueller Summary DudOn Monday, Trump reportedly said that “people love it when you attack the press.” His aides also appear to be feeling the victory glow.
  14. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Trump Attacks Ford for Not Going to Cops in 1982Frantic efforts by aides to keep him from attacking Kavanaugh’s accuser failed as Trump lashed out on Twitter.
  15. the national interest
    Mean Girl Kellyanne Conway: ‘Why Is Everybody So Obsessed’ With TrumpThe counselor to the president is puzzled by a strange fixation with the world’s most powerful person.
  16. Melania Trump, Conway Pretend Trump Can’t Immediately Stop Family SeparationsAn administration that won’t take ownership of its own policy.
  17. taxonomy
    What 22 Trump Staffers Looked Like in High SchoolWho would have thought they’d one day work for the 45th president of the United States?
  18. the national interest
    The White House Just Admitted James Comey Swung the Election to TrumpKellyanne Conway was probably not supposed to say that part out loud.
  19. Trump Aides Galled by Criticism of Their Awful Rob Porter ResponseAs Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to provide details on the alleged abuser’s exit, Kellyanne Conway quibbled over an essay by his ex-wife.
  20. Trump Has Given Victims of the Opioid Crisis Nothing But ContemptThe president has tried to cut funding for Medicaid and the drug czar’s office — while putting his pollster in charge of a “just say no” campaign.
  21. Jesse Watters Says We May ‘Have a Coup on Our Hands in America’Fox News’ efforts to discredit Robert Mueller and his investigation are reaching a fever pitch.
  22. Kellyanne Conway Is Now America’s Opioid CzarClearly, the best person to lead the response to the opioid crisis is a polling expert with a penchant for lying on cable news.
  23. Kellyanne Conway Basically Tells People to Vote for Roy MooreTax cuts are more important than alleged abuse.
  24. White House Advisers Create Some Distance From Roy MooreBut they left themselves an out.
  25. What the Trump Administration Means When It Says ‘On Notice’▶️ Is it more than an empty threat?
  26. select all
    Kellyanne Conway Says She 100 Percent Agrees With Kellyanne ConwayNow there’s a tweet.
  27. the national interest
    Kellyanne Conway Moves the Russian Collusion Goalposts to Undisclosed LocationOld standard: There was no contact with Russia. New standard: Collusion must be “sustained, systemic, furtive.”
  28. select all
    Kellyanne Conway Held Up Homemade Signs on TV Last Night and Twitter Went WildConclusion? No collusion.
  29. Trump’s Big Political Asset Is Supporters Who Believe Any Negative News Is FakeGOP “base” voters have long regarded the media as “biased” allies of their enemies. It’s taken Trump to convince them any bad news is just made up.
  30. Donald Trump’s Tweets Are Providing the Real Story of His PresidencyWhatever Kellyanne Conway might try to argue.
  31. select all
    Why the White House Is Boosting Mike CernovichThe White House wants to fuzz the boundaries between mainstream, respectable news outlets and utterly gonzo ones as much as possible.
  32. politics
    Kellyanne Conway Is the Real First Lady of Trump’s AmericaShe’s a star. Not your star, perhaps. But that’s the point.
  33. Here’s the Proof No One Can Dodge an Interview Question Like Kellyanne ConwayVIDEO: It’s fascinating to see in action.
  34. Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Obama Could Have Used Microwaves to Spy on TrumpShe didn’t provide any evidence for the claim.
  35. Team Trump Scrapped Ethics Training Program for Incoming White House StaffersIt was the kind of course that may have prevented a senior adviser from promoting the first daughter’s clothing line from inside the White House.
  36. select all
    Kellyanne Conway’s Weird Oval Office Sofa Picture Gets a Reddit MakeoverConway reimagined as Lieutenant Kellyanne from Forrest Gump might be the best one.
  37. select all
    Yet Again, the Dictionary Shades Kellyanne ConwayMerriam-Webster is not here for Kellyanne Conway’s definition of “feminism.”
  38. How the White House Lies: What Jonathan Swift Has to Say About Kellyanne Conway“We’re putting conundrums on top of hypotheticals on top of conjecture here.”
  39. select all
    Kellyanne Conway Quote-Tweets White Nationalist: ‘Love You Back’The tweet has since been deleted, and Conway says she doesn’t know who has access to her account.
  40. GOP Oversight Chair Calls Conway Promoting Ivanka’s Brand ‘Unacceptable’But the president attacking private companies for dropping Ivanka’s brand is, apparently, totally fine.
  41. Report: No One Wants to Be Trump’s Communications DirectorKellyanne Conway says plenty of people want the job, but the White House is “deciding what to do.”
  42. the national interest
    Kellyanne Conway’s Ivanka Product Endorsement Apparently Broke the LawA federal employee may not “use his public office … for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise.”
  43. Twitter Takes a Moment of Silence for the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’Except it never happened.
  44. the national interest
    Trump: I’m President, So No More Protest or Media AccountabilityThe administration keeps saying terrifying, autocratic things.
  45. alternative facts
    Kellyanne Conway Cites Made-up ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ to Justify Travel BanShe’s right that the terror attack “didn’t get covered,” but that’s because it never happened.
  46. Trump and Putin to Talk Saturday and Lifting Sanctions Is ‘Under Consideration’The presidents of the U.S. and Russia haven’t spoken since just after the election.
  47. inauguration 2017
    Kellyanne Conway Reportedly Punched a Man at an Inaugural BallFox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino claims she threw some punches to break up a fight between “two guys in tuxes.”
  48. select all
    Merriam-Webster Reminds Kellyanne Conway What the Definition of ‘Fact’ IsKellyanne Conway called Trump’s false claims about 1.5 million people attending his inauguration “alternative facts.”
  49. Conway Says Trump Is Officially Never Releasing His Tax ReturnsPlus: “Alternative facts.”
  50. Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Who Is ‘Feeling the Heat’The incoming White House counselor went on CNN to continue disparaging it as “fake news.” The host did not like that.
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